Fan Viet's beauty in Thailand


Monday, November 26, 2012 9:52 PM (GMT + 7)

Many beautiful and passionate fans of Vietnam's "fire" to the professor Hang Seo Park in the AFF Cup has achieved the reputation of Fox Games Asia Fox Sports Asia next to the orchid broadcast of Thailand, Indonesia or Myanmar, …

Not only attractive with dramatic performances until the end of the group stage, Cup AFF 2018 Also impressed from the stage with female fans are radiant young gorgeous and heart "burned" because of the color of the shirt's colors.

The famous Fox Sports Asia magazine is impressed by the many attractive "pink balls", many of which are fans of Vietnam accompanied by Professor Park Hang Seo both at home and on the road. Invited

Hot girl more attractive AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand beauty - 1

The coach of Myanmar was eliminated by Malaysia in the last round of the 2014 AFF Cup, but teacher Antoine Hey still receives the support of many loyal fans. A female fan named Tay Zar Ko Ko made an online community fever when she uploaded a beautiful photo while sitting at the VIP booth watching Myanmar's 4-1 victory over Cambodia in Mandalay.

AFF Cup most popular hot girl: Thailand Fan art - 2

Malaysia received the enthusiastic applause of female fans with the beauty of East Asia

AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand beauty - 3

The sunshine smile of a beauty queen relayed fire from the bleachers of "Tigers Tigers"

Hot girl, the most attractive AFF Cup: Thailand, Fan Art - 4

Indonesian goalkeepers are in the AFF Cup this year and were eliminated early, but for female fans in their hearts, the island's boys are brave warriors.

AFF Cup's hottest sexy girl: Thailand's beauty fan - 6

The beautiful face is not a fault of a handsome Indonesian footballer

AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand beauty - 7

Burmese fans weep when the home team started well, but still could not pass the AFF Cup this time.

AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand beauty - 8

In addition to the excellent record of five AFF Cup crowns, the champions of Thailand also received the enthusiastic company of the fans of the home country with "heart" countless men.

AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand beauty - 9

"Long legs" of the Golden Temple dress up on the soccer field cheering for the "Battle of the Elephants"

AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand beauty - 10

Thailand is known to have a wide range of young, beautiful and sincere fans.

Hot girl more attractive AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand fine art - 11

Thailand is the No. 1 AFF Cup contender when they attend and their fans still believe that this year's gold trophy will still be Fighting Elephants.

AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand fine art - 12

Fox Sports Asia is also very impressed by the young and dynamic beauty of Vietnamese fans

AFF Cup hottest girl: Thai girl - 13

The trio of "pink balls" photographed memories of the stands in support of Professor Park Hang Seo in the AFF Cup 2018.

Hot girl more attractive AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand fine art - 14

Another beauty contest to do a "self portrait" while watching Vietnam telecine this year's AFF Cup.

Hot girl more attractive AFF Cup: Fan of Thailand fine art - 15

My Dinh Stadium is brilliant because of Vietnam's 2-0 win Tel Phone in Malaysia and lots of pink balls in the stands.

AFF Cup hottest sexy girl: Vietnamese beauty fan - 16

Nguyen Thuy Tien also falls in love with Fox Sports Asia

The final round AFF Cup: Quang Hai, Van Duc bright

Quang Hai and Phan Van Duc were named to the "best goal" of the final round of the AFF Cup 2018.


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