Family representatives get a mistake, please mediate


Contact Us People On the morning of February 28, Mr. Ngo Minh Quan (28 years old, resident in Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi), who had Kia Cerato cars was smuggled by his grandfather, said, the person who caused the incident . admitted his behavior and requested mediation, compensation for consequences and reparation of damages.

"The representative of his family met me and admitted his work at the ward police headquarters late yesterday (February 27). After that, they sent their apologies and filed for poor health reasons, so the person directly caused the incident was not present "- Mr. Quan shared.

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Quan's car is scratched around the vehicle's body (Picture of the character provided).

According to Quan, it is not until authorities conduct the experiment to complete the scene and complete the complaint procedures at the ward police headquarters when his grandfather's relatives appear.

Experimental results show that the car has many nasty side scratches due to the incision in sharp objects. In addition, the location of the first strip Nguyen Hong – the border point between Thanh Cong and Lang Ha (Dong Da district), is where his family has a parking lot with no signs of parking.

Authorities determine the identity of his grandfather, L.N, almost 70 years old, residing in Lane 2 Nguyen Hong, not the name of the Cross as originally reported.

Quan said, L.N's family member said that the reason his father acted like this was frustrating about the many people stationed in that position. Quan's family accepted the apology and agreed to mediate.

Earlier, on the afternoon of February 24, Ngo Minh Quan suddenly found many scratches appearing in Kia Cerato's car. Nghi had a sniper sniper, Quan checked the security camera near the parking lot.

The image recorded on the clip shows that a silver haired man went and threw the trash over it. Remarkably, as he approached the car, his left hand took action to touch the car. This movement continued to recur when his grandfather returned.

Very angry at the above action, Mr. Quan made a request to inform the authorities, seeking clarification on the case, protecting the family's property.

Nguyen Truong


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