Direct Porto – Liverpool: Firmino increased the gap-24h of football


Thursday, April 18, 2019 00:04 (GMT + 7)

(Direct to FC Porto – Liverpool, quarter-finals of the Champions League) After the home team has a goal, Firmino shines with the first phase to increase the score to 3-1.

Direct to Porto - Liverpool: Firmino increases the difference - 1 1-3 Directly to the Port - Liverpool: Firmino increases the gap - 2
Port Liverpool
26 & # 39; Mane
65 & # 39; Salah
Military 68 & # 39;
77 & # 39; Firmino


HOT: 77 & # 39;

CLICK IN! Firmino hit the back of the Henderson cross and hit the head accurately, taking the score to 3-1.

1 & # 39;

AGREEMENT 1 START! Porto serves first.

ATTACK, DO NOT ENTER! Manuel Corona hit the ball with a shot that rolled the ball into the area for Liverpool.

4 & # 39;

GETTING POINTS! Add another shot towards Alisson, the ball falls a little.

7 & # 39;

NOT ON! Moussa Marega picked up a team pass and managed to finish, but Alisson was still concentrating.

10 & # 39;

DANGER! Danilo Pereira threatened Liverpool, but the header was in position with the imprecise ball.

Direct to Porto - Liverpool: Firmino increases the difference - 5

15 & # 39;

GREAT BALL! Marega takes a touch of a touch, this time the ball comes out of the post.

22 '

STILL DO NOT ENTER! Porto's eighth goal since the start of the game but Liverpool are still very easy to solve.

26 & # 39;

CLICK IN! Salah passed the ball to Mane to escape, opening the scoring with a touch of close. In this situation, the referee consulted the VAR very carefully before acknowledging the goal.

Direct to Porto - Liverpool: Firmino increases the gap - 6

29 '

NOT! Brahimi finished, but still could not take home a goal.

35 & # 39;

In the last minutes, Porto lost all morale and did not create more dangerous opportunities.

41 & # 39;

NOT! Manuel Corona threatened Allison's goal with a long shot.

45 + 2 & # 39;

HAPPY 1! Liverpool takes 1-0 temporarily.

50 & # 39;

NOT ON! Marega hit his head but was defeated by Liverpool's defense.

54 & # 39;

FIRST! Tiquinho Soares takes advantage in the aerial phase, unfortunately the ball still does not enter the net.

Direct to Porto - Liverpool: Firmino increases the difference - 7

57 & # 39;

NOT ON! Mohamed Salah went home without a goal for Liverpool.

65 & # 39;

CLICK IN! Liverpool counterattack. Mohamed Salah escaped to defeat the goalkeeper, taking home a goal doubling the lead.

68 & # 39;

CLICK IN! Porto shortened the score to 1-2 after Militao's powerful goal.

72 & # 39;

NOT ON! Henderson kicked Mane's pass over the keeper, but the shot passed over the goal.

77 & # 39;

CLICK IN! Firmino hit the back of the Henderson cross and hit the head accurately, taking the score to 3-1.

The point is "dragon cave" Dragao. Porto are the only Champions League team to win at home this season. They lost to Roma by 1-2 on the field in the eighth round, but won 2-1 at home in 90 minutes and won the final at 120 minutes. In the situation of forced attack, Porto accepts the risk because the sooner the goal will be the opportunity to fight against Liverpool.

Coach Klopp informs the good news before the confrontation with Porto. Before the quarter-final against FC Porto, coach Klopp announced the good news about the situation of Joe Gomez. He said: "Gomez is getting better.He recovered quickly, he regained more than 70% of his best performance.Gomez is not ready to kick before Porto tonight, but he is able to get into the bench field."

Van Dijk wants to win a double. Liverpool midfielder Virgil van Dijk does not hide his ambition to make history with the Champions League and the Premier League this season. "We are here with these trophies," Van Dijk said confidently. If you pass through the Port, the opponent of the Liverpool Champions League semi-final will be Barça.

Direct to Porto - Liverpool: Firmino increases the difference - 8

Van Dijk wants to win double this season

Liverpool is very close to Timo Werner. According to transfer specialist Ian McGarry, Liverpool are the most likely team to have RB Leipzig striker Werner in part because the striker refused to renew his contract with the German team. The Kop is also missing a plugged attacker that can support Firmino.

Tariffs show that Liverpool in the last round of the Premier League has skyrocketed. With Liverpool very close to the opportunity to win the Premier League for the first time since 1990, ticket prices for Liverpool against Wolves at home in the last round are rising to £ 5,950 / ticket. ).

Salah on the cover of TIME 100. Liverpool striker Mo Salah was chosen as the cover image of TIME magazine to honor the 100 most influential people in the world each year. Joining him this year are basketball star LeBron James, player Alex Morgan, tennis player Naomi Osaka and golfer Tiger Woods.

Mane wants to be a legend in Liverpool. Rejecting rumors of possible transfer to the future of Real, striker Sadio Mane expressed his desire to become a legend at Anfield. After 42 games in all competitions this season, Mane has 21 goals for Liverpool.

Direct to Porto - Liverpool: Firmino increases the difference - 9

Mane wants to stay a long time with Liverpool

Joe Gomez can re-export to Oporto. Coach Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he will put defender Joe Gomez in the first team of the match against Porto. The 21-year-old retired last December because of an ankle injury and has just recovered.

Liverpool fans in Porto face the risk of not coming in after the game. A strike in Portugal by truck drivers made the transport of this country without serious gasoline. Lisbon Airport announces the possibility that flights in the near future will postpone or change schedules.

Team Info

Port: Aboubakar Injury

Liverpool: Gomez, Chamberlain injury, Henderson, Lovren left open his ability to play

Information at the margin

– Liverpool has 7 consecutive wins

– Porto unbeaten 4/5 last match

– Liverpool kept 2 clean sheets recently

– Porto could not find a goal against Liverpool in the last 3 clashes

– Liverpool have not lost five times in recent clashes with Porto

Porto - Liverpool: visitors get injured

(2:00, 18 April) Liverpool have a 2-goal advantage, but be careful with Dragao.


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