Wednesday , June 23 2021

Difficult to recognize 3 holy hackers hiding more than the younger ones at 9-16

Recently in Korean and Vietnamese social networks, members of four popular SM groups including Changmin (DBSK), Heechul (Super Junior), Xiumin (EXO) and Mark (NCT) have the chance to meet and take a picture together the fans stand still.

Fans had the opportunity to "erase" because in the photo, it looks as handsome and young as the friends of the same age of all four male idols. 4 "old hacking saints" are in the same frame, so the difference of up to 16 years between Heechul and Mark leaves many surprised viewers. In addition, Xiumin was born in 1990, also 9 years older than Mark and Changmin is more than Mark 11 years old.

The fire of male beauty of 4-year-old SM: It is difficult to recognize 3 secular saints older than the younger ones at 9-16 years old - Photo 1.

4 guys from SM had a chance to get together in one frame. No one knows that Mark is the youngest and is 9-16 years younger than he

The fire of the four-man male house SM is good: it is hard to recognize 3 secular saints hiding behind the younger 9 to 16 year olds - Photo 2.

The young appearance of Heechul left the public surprised by the age difference of 16 years between juniors and seniors

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