Developed by the cultivation of "crackling" insects in fluvial mudflats


Monday, February 11, 2019 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Sinh Thai Van, a student at Trinh Chau's University of Radio and Television, did not expect that at age 26 she would be the famous "queen of the locusts."

After graduating from university, Sinh Thai Van became assistant to the village chief of Cung, Hue Te District, Zhengzhou City, China.

Sinh Thai Van, when she just got back from work, wanted to find a way to enrich people in the village, so she always accessed the Internet to read and search for news. In the process, Sinh Thai Van knows that in some places, locusts are "green food" that is popular with many people. A pound of locusts can be sold for tens of yuan (hundreds of thousands of VND). So the idea came to her mind, she began to understand the process of locust breeding, discovered "just need green grass, a few acres of land, make a few pieces of net is fine."

Sinh Thai Van said: "Near the village of Cung is the land of the river Hoang Ha, everywhere is wild grass, land and food sources are not lacking. There are also about ten "rural restaurants" close by so consumption is not a problem.

Under the tireless efforts of Sinh Thai Van at the end, there was a man named Han Kien Quan, who decided to join Thai Van in locust breeding. The two, after going to the province, researched and bought more than 160 kg of grasshopper eggs, bamboo sticks, nets, zippers, and then set up six grasshopper cages on the land beside the Yellow River.

Donate money by raising insects & # 34; turn on the glass in riverside swamps - 1

The university student got the idea of ​​getting rich with locusts

Three months later, when the locust was large, Thai Van and Han Jianjun went to the rice shops and neighboring restaurants to negotiate the sale of locusts to them. Thai Van sells for 15 yuan (about 52 thousand VND) locusts of 0.5 kg, restaurant owners see that they are competing to buy, very fast locusts have already been sold. In the first year, Sinh Thai Van invested only a few thousand yuan, but earned more than 10,000 yuan (about 34 million VND). Han Jianjun invested more, so he blinked to earn more than 30,000 yuan (about 102 million VND).

Thai Van shared that each of the cages has an area of ​​about 50.60 m2, in each cage there are about 50.60 thousand grasshoppers, 30 stables total about 180 thousand grasshoppers. Two people a year can raise 2 liters, or about 360,000 locusts.

Donate money by raising insects & # 34; turn on the glass in riverside swamps - 2

The income is ten million dong, creating grasshoppers

Realizing that the eco-friendly Van Chau made money, the farmers in the neighboring areas bought their grasshopper eggs to create.

Currently, not only the people around, but also people in other provinces such as Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei … also find her to buy grasshopper eggs.

Sinh Thai Van said that although the number of locusts is increasing, this does not affect his work. Every month, she only needs to visit the locust farm twice, most often, contact Han Kien Quan by phone to see the situation. Currently, she was promoted to deputy secretary of the neighboring village of Duong.

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