Detecting 2 remains of martyrs in people's homes


Two remains of martyrs were discovered and stored in the garden of Mr. Pham Duy Dung (Tan Hao village, Tan Lien commune, Huong Hoa district).

Earlier, while he was doing gardening, Dung discovered many signs of suspicion.

On March 25, the team assembled the remnants of martyrs from the 337th Corps, Military Zone 4 discovered a set of remains in the army, there were many bones, teeth, packs, shoes, parachute ropes and buttons. trousers … The remains are about 0.5 m from the ground.

Detecting 2 remains of martyrs in people's homes - 1

Functional forces to regulate the remains of the martyrs.

This morning (March 26), the Chapter 337 Martyrs Search and Search Team continued to find the remains of other martyrs in the area. The remains are mainly bones and teeth. Relics have parachutes, buttons and a plastic wallet.

According to the assessment, this area used to have a lot of information about the 304th Division's deposits.

Currently, the Economic-Defense Division 337 continues to expand the scope of the research and at the same time leads to the identification of the martyrs.

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