Details Nadal – Pella: Error deciding the game (KT)


Friday, April 19, 2011 9:02 (GMT + 7)

(Live tennis Rafael Nadal – Guido Pella, quarterfinals of Monte Carlo) Pella's decisive mistakes helped Nadal to win.

Details Nadal - Pella: The error of deciding the game (KT) - 1
Set 1 Game 2
Rafael Nadal 7 (7) 6
Guido Pella 6 (1) 3
Details Nadal - Pella: The error of deciding the game (KT) - 2



BREAK! SET! MATCH! Nadal responds with dangerous strokes and makes a 40-15 lead. The first starting point of Pella's rescue with a winner, but a double error in the next phase of the ball !!



BREAK !!! Nadal is having problems when Guido Pella plays very well. Rafa has to save the break, but he can not.


BREAK !!! Nadal quickly stabilized and showed class. You have 2 chances to break and not make a mistake.


BREAK !!! Two players are extremely dedicated. Pella is showing that he deserves the "umbrella horse" with a confident behavior.


GAME !!! Pella's shots are good and the ball is very annoying. Nadal is in trouble.


BREAK !!! Pella always showed an initiative before Nadal. There is an opportunity to win the break of the Argentine tennis beat Nadal.

Nadal loves to see left-handed players like me (winning 15 times), but the situation is not satisfactory.


BREAK !!! The game happened in 8 minutes and a half. Nadal was extremely stubborn and persevered in search of a pause.


GAME !!! Nadal has the right situations to save the mark, hopefully everything but still retreat the score, so he can win this game.


BREAK !!! Very great Nadal. It is true that in clay soil it is not easy to defeat Spanish.


GAME !!! Nadal easily won in this match. The first time he went up in the first set.


GAME !!! Nadal still shows the stubbornness in each phase, but Pella told the whole game.


BREAK !!! Facing 3 break, Nadal failed to save. A strange set.


BREAK !!! Very stressful, the set will have to settle for the tie-break series.

7-6 (7-1)

SET !!! Nadal shows bravery and superiority in the tie-break series with a 7-1 win.



BREAK! Nadal has a vertical winning left hand to lead 40-30, and Pella made a mistake by hitting not on the net causing Nadal to gain a break!


GAME! Nadal has a continuous attack that forces Pella to swap before scoring a winner to give a 30-0 lead. Ace finishes the game for Rafa.


GAME! Pella enters the net and ends with a good shot of 30-0. However, a double error made the score balanced and Nadal had the chance to break before Pella won. Nadal has an advantage after a small fall, but then loses the backhand. Pella took the opportunity and finished the game against an ace.


GAME! Pella has 2 chances to break the break after two consecutive mistakes of Nadal, but Rafa saves two breaks. Pella then scored a shot to equalize 40-even and took the lead after making Nadal lose. Nadal saved the break one more time as he put Pella in the corner of the yard, causing him to lose.

Pella balanced 40 even after a left hand along the line, and after a winner of Nadal, the game went into the 11th minute. Nadal finally won the game after Pella's left hand came out but very close to the baseline.


BREAK! Nadal had a wild save when Pella hit the net and made a big hit, but being saved by Nadal and responding with a winner made Pella stunned. A nefarious shot over Pella's net gave Nadal a chance to break, and he had a yard cross that Pella returned the ball to in the end.


GAME! Nadal has another level of ball when he hits Pella in the net with a dangerous forehand.


GAME! Pella still does not play badly by defeating Nadal after a tug of war, a vertical line determines the game.


BREAK! A bad game of Nadal. Double error. Double error. Hit the end of the field and take 0-40. One more success and Pella got a break!


BREAK! SET! MATCH! Nadal responds with dangerous strokes and makes a 40-15 lead. The first starting point of Pella's rescue with a winner, but a double error in the next phase of the ball !!

Nadal entered the quarter-finals of Monte Carlo for the 15th time

Gathering for the third time in Monte Carlo after 2013 and 2018, Grigor Dimitrov once again has to "hold grudges" against Rafael Nadal. No. 2 seeds completed the victory by 6-4, 6-1 final after 1 hour and 34 minutes with 4 times of success of the break-up game of this Bulgarian opponent dubbed "Federer Little."

Details Nadal - Pella: Error determines the game (KT) - 3

Nadal still shows tremendous strength in clay courts

Winning the first set was difficult, but in the following set, Nadal completely overcame the 80% win (20/25), reaching his 70th win in Monte Carlo.

The champions of the tournament will meet Guido Pella in the next quarter-final match. The Argentine suddenly defeated Marco Cecchinato, 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 to win the first quarter-finals of his career.

Nadal and terrible indicators in clay soil

During the period from 2015 until last year, Nadal participated in all five competitions in the field including Monte Carlo, Barcelona Open, Madrid Open, Italian Open and Roland Garros. In Roland Garros 2016, due to a wrist injury left, he was forced to withdraw before the game against Granollers in the third round.

46 of Nadal's current 80 ATP titles come from clay soil and represent 58%. From the statistics of the Infosys ATP in the last 4 years, let's look at how Nadal dominated the start of the match on clay.

Video Nadal defeated Dimitrov in the third round

Direct tennis Djokovic - Medvedev: straight to the semifinals

Djokovic is in top form and the number 1 goal in the world is, of course, a semi-final.


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