Deputy Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Construction is the head of the delegation, Vinh Tuong takes all the documents provided


The chief inspector of the Vinh Tuong district in Vinh Phuc province said the dossier was being seized by police.

The decision to change the leader of the inspection team was signed by Chief Inspector Nguyen Ngoc Tuan on June 14.

Mr. Chu Hong Uy, deputy chief inspector of the Ministry of Construction was appointed as leader.

In addition to Mr. Uy, the delegation also has 12 members: 2 chiefs, 6 deputy chiefs and 4 inspectors.

Specifically, two deputy heads – Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Chau and Mr. Do Duc Thang – are heads of the Ministry of Construction.

6 deputy chiefs include grandparents: Hoang Thi Huong, Nguyen Dinh Anh, Ta Van Dung, Pham Duy Khanh, Van Nguyen Thom, Nguyen Quang Hung.

Four inspectors include: Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Hoang Huu Duc, Vu Van Tuan and Ms. Bui Thi Lien.

At the same time, it was decided to close all inspection activities of Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh as head of the delegation, according to the previous decision.

The Inspector of the Ministry also extended the inspection period by 25 working days from June 18.

Profile, basic building materials are stored many sets

On June 17, Mr. Chu Hong Uy read the full text of Decision No. 255 on the change of the inspection team in the presence of representatives of the departments of the Vinh Tuong District People's Committee.

Deputy Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Construction is the head of the delegation, Vinh Tuong takes all the documents provided
The project to fill the pond in the commune of Ly Nhan (Vinh Tuong district) to auction land use rights

At work hours the same afternoon, Mr. Dang Quang Thuy, deputy chairman of the District People's Committee said, agreed with the decisions of the Inspector-in-Chief of the Ministry of Construction. The DPC will work closely with the delegation during the work process.

However, the representative of the People's Committee of the Vinh Tuong District stated that there is no longer a record for the inspection team because the document was seized by the Vinh Phuc Provincial Police Department to serve in the investigation.

Mr. Phan Thanh Ha, Chief Inspector of Vinh Tuong District, said that the police are confiscating records and documents and are continuing to work with the District People's Committee. Therefore, if the Inspection Ministry of Construction continue to inspect, there will be two agencies working on one content.

Mr. Ha asked the Inspector of the Ministry to consider the continuation of the inspection team.

Head of the Cabinet of the Vong Tuong District People Committee Vu Duc Kim also shared: Some documents and documents of 29 counties were sealed, transferred to the Provincial Public Security Department Vinh Phuc to maintain, currently have no records and documents. Any more for the inspection team?

The Deputy Head of the Duc Thang Inspection Team asked the District People's Committee to decide to assign specific tasks to individuals to work with the inspection team and at the same time provide votes requesting the provision of records and lists. the projects provided by the District People's Committee and the commune Committees of the People provided inspection teams before April 5.

At the same time, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Chau, Deputy Chief Inspection Team, requested the People's District Committee to re-list the inspection team's requests, records of delivery and receipt of inspection documents, documents, and schedules above. work with committees of people from districts and communes; minutes of work or content that the previous inspection team did; inform the District People's Committee in accordance with the inspection scheme.

According to the vice chairman of the Vinh Tuong District People's Committee, Dang Quang Thuy, he should appoint Mr. Nguyen Phuong Nam – a focal point for the planning and construction license; Mr. Bui Thanh Binh – focal point of project management will be the focal point to coordinate with the delegation.

In addition, the Vinh Tuong District People's Committee will provide a list of presidents from 29 counties and cities to work with the delegation.

Deputy chief inspector of the Ministry of Construction stated, according to law, the basic building documents documents are stored in many ministries, so the District People's Committee is asked to direct the coordination units and provide the lake. documents in accordance with the request of the delegation.

2 officials of the Ministry of Construction inspection delegation who accept bribes are not civil servants

Mr. Dang Hai Anh (38 years old, specialist in Construction Inspection Department 2, Ministry of Construction Inspection) and Nguyen Thuy Linh (25 years old, staff of the Department of Supervision, Inspection and Post-Inspection) are not civil servants under the Ministry of Construction, but still included in the list of inspection teams in Vinh Tuong district, Vinh Phuc.

The representative of the Ministry of Construction said he would ask the province to report the incident.

Thai Binh

To send a new inspection team to Vinh Phuc to replace the briber inspection team "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Send a new inspection team to Vinh Phuc to replace the bribery inspection team

The Construction Ministry sent a new inspection team to replace the inspection team led by Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, who was sued for taking bribes.


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