Defeated Djokovic, Khachanov unexpectedly beat Paris Masters


Karen Khachanov is considered one of the top tennis players in the world, but the 22-year-old Russian defeated the world number two. Djokovic is still a big surprise. Over the past three months, Noel has been strong, he has won two consecutive Grand Slam titles and the Shanghai Masters. Three months only lost a game, it's a wonderful return of Nole.

Khachanov's victory after two sets was a big impression on the Russian. Khachanov himself was very happy with the special victory. This is the biggest title since the professional competition of the Russian player. "To finish the season like that, for me it's a dream," Khachanov told the fans after winning.

First ATP title of Khachanov

First ATP title of Khachanov

Khachanov explained that Djokovic has always been the inspiration for him, perhaps because the Russian player was playing very sublime in an unbelievable way. Taking the final departure rather deviated, Khachanov broke Game 4 in the first set. Djokovic was unable to tie in the next game, Khachanov also demanded a pause and fiercely fired the opponent.

The Russian made his first start for the game, and played in 12 matches 7-5 in the first set. Djokovic even had his first serve in set two, but he only won the first game and quickly broke the game 3. Khachanov showed excellent form in the second set.

An experienced player like Djokovic can not afford the opportunity to upset even a Serbian man who is struggling to break the game. The excellent form led Khachanov to a 6-4 win in the second set, which ended the final of the Paris Masters in just 1 hour and 39 minutes.

Djokovic failed in the final of the Paris Masters

Djokovic failed in the final of the Paris Masters

"All Karen's merit, he did well today and deserves the title," admired Djokovic. "I'm sure we'll see a lot of their great games in the future."

With 1000 points in this tournament, the Russian will rise to the top 10 in the ATP ranking. Djokovic failed to reach the top of the ATP ranking.

Next Sunday, the ATP finals will officially begin. This tournament is considered the decisive battle for the No. 1 ATP this year. Nadal will also return to play after a long period of rest.



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