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De Gea made a mistake that led Manchester to lose the victory against Chelsea

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With home advantage, MU did not hesitate to push the team after the initial whistle. In the fourth minute, Lukaku had the chance to score the match, but failed to beat Kepa in the face-to-face phase.

However, MU fans did not regret for a long time, because by the 11th minute, Lukaku himself had a subtle pass to remove Chelsea's defense so Luke Shaw could fall to the second line for Mata to score the opening goal. .

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Having won the goal, MU played more and more excited and constantly shook Kepa's goal. In a game like this, few would expect the reds to give way to personal error. From Rudiger's long-range kick, De Gea caught the ball without hitting to allow Marcos Alonso to break the cross and tie before the end of the first half.

Entering the second half, the speed of the game was greatly reduced and, instead, the situations of players on both sides. The result of the draw remains the same until the end of 90 minutes.

With this draw, MU still stepped in 6th place with 65 points. Meanwhile, 1 point at Old Trafford kept Chelsea in fourth place with 68 points and still holds the advantage in the 4th race against MU and Arsenal.

Starting the lineup

MU: De Gea, young, Bailly, Lindelof, Shaw, Herrera, Pogba, Mata, Matic, Lukaku, Rashford

Chelsea: Kepa, Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Luiz, Alonso, Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, Willian, Higuain, Danger

F5 to update …

The game is over

90 + 2 & # 39 ;: Do not enter! Rojo hit his head, goalkeeper Kepa gave up, but Pedro was on the edge of the line to solve the problem.

90 + 1 & # 39 ;: Lukaku escaped but the referee stretched the offside flag.

90 & # 39 ;: 2nd part is granted up to 7 minutes.

90 & # 39 ;: The game is happening very slowly.

89 & # 39 ;: The yellow card gave the young people because of the answer.

84 & # 39 ;: Pedro entered as a substitute for Willian.

81 & # 39 ;: McTominay went into the Woods.

80 & # 39 ;: Yellow card for Rojo after a dangerous foul with Willian.

75 & # 39 ;: Kovacic left the field to make way for Loftus-Cheek.

72 & # 39;: Dangerous! Willian sent a free kick that was very dangerous but unfortunately the ball went down.

70 & # 39 ;: Red replaced Rudiger.

68 & # 39 ;: The game is suspended after Bailly is painfully lying in the yard.

65 & # 39 ;: Christensen joined Rudiger. Meanwhile, Rashford is also replaced by Sanchez.

63 & # 39 ;: The game is being stopped after Rudiger is in pain.

57 & # 39 ;: Hazard went to the ball and collaborated with Higuain before moving to Willian's wing, but the Brazilian player's cross was very deep.

54 & # 39 ;: From Young's right-foot kick, the ball hits Bailly's foot, but the midfield kick is too light and does not jeopardize Kepa.

54 & # 39 ;: Yellow card of Kovacic after a foul on Herrera.

52 & # 39 ;: Yellow card for Willian after a foul on Mata.

50 & # 39 ;: Rashford sent a free kick, but Kepa was easy to catch.

The second half started

The first half ended

45 & gt ;: Half-time 2 minutes.

43 & # 39 ;: Go !!! Rudiger made a long-range shot that looked harmless but left De Gaea unable to continue. Immediately, Marcos Alonso kicked successfully to equalize the visitors.

39 & # 39;: Dangerous! Luke Shaw hit the ball hard, but Marcos Alonso just was not able to finish.

36 & # 39 ;: Matic had a bad situation when he hit Azpilicueta's face.

35 & # 39 ;: Rashford escaped to the left, but could not get past Rudiger.

29 & # 39 ;: Do not enter! From the corner of the left, Bailly turned his head high and the ball went away.

28 & # 39;: Dangerous! Lukaku runs very well from the right, but the last place for Rashford is a little light and the Chelsea defender promptly cleared the turn.

25 & # 39 ;: Young struggled very uncomfortably, but David Luiz broke the ball for Chelsea.

20 & # 39 ;: From a corner penalty, Jorginho tried his luck with a long kick from the second line, but the ball was very imprecise.

18 & # 39 ;: Do not enter! Marcos Alonso charges foul over an incorrect distance of 28m.

11 & # 39 ;: Go !!! Lukaku nudged the clever way to remove Chelsea's defense, so Shaw escaped to Mata's side to score the opening goal for MU.

4 & # 39 ;: Do not enter! Luke Shaw crossed the line for Lukaku to escape, but the Belgian striker failed to beat Kepa face-to-face.

3 & # 39;: Dangerous! Hazard picked up an ugly ball and stretched it in, but luckily Bailly arrived in time.

The match starts

The Premier League rankings to date

With the stop before Barca in the quarterfinals of the Champions League last month, MU is only the only goal is the top 4 Premier League. Therefore, the Reds have an edge over competitors such as Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea, the teams are still playing in the European Cup.

However, MU does not take advantage of that, but has typically suffered two consecutive fouls against Everton and Man City. Fortunately for teachers and coach Solskjaer when competitors are not able to break the ranking.

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Chelsea are more dominant than Arsenal and MU in the top 4. The Blues are getting 67 points but are only one and three points behind. Therefore, a defeat at Old Trafford in this round will push the teachers of coach Sarri to disadvantage.

There are only three rounds remaining, the English Premier League will lower the curtain and the image of the 4th race is still in great motion. The result of the match against Manchester United and Chelsea, the 36th round of the Premier League, will decide to join the Champions League next season.

Strength situation

MU: injury of Valencia; Herrera, Bailly, Jones, McTominay left the possibility of playing.

Chelsea: Rudiger injury, Hudson-Odoi; Kante and Marcos Alonso are not sure to play.

Information around

5 – Chelsea have not scored 5 in the last 7 outings in the Premier League

9 – MU has not lost 9 in 10 home games against Chelsea in all arenas

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