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Dam Vinh Hung: "Judging and despising me, why do I stand still and watch?" | Culture

I'm a human too

* Do you think you have the right to judge others?

– Singer Dam Vinh Hung: Not! I just judge myself.

* Why on Facebook alone, do you threaten other people?

– If people pay attention and read carefully, seeing my content on Facebook is only "grim" and refers to the person who triggered the detonator first. This businesswoman and I are not strange, we know each other and we are well informed people. More than anyone else, Hoai Anh will understand the other picture I took with many people, including Mr. Huu Linh being sued for lascivious behavior to the girls, Mr. Huu Linh deserves to be convicted and the photo is quite sensitive if let a caption (photo caption) goes dim.

When Hoai Anh put it on Facebook personally, she needed to speak clearly, not to get flabby that many people misunderstood "Mr. Huu Linh's knowledge" will affect me. Or a lot of people will understand, "Huu Linh is a fan of Mr. Discussion "will affect my common fan community.

And this entrepreneur posted on Facebook, I'm sure she understands that this will affect me, but still does. Under this caption, there are many comments about me that did not work, Hoai Anh did not react to these bad comments, was not responsible for these comments, left the trial, scornful So why am I stationary?

Dam Vinh Hung:

* You're a professional showbiz singer, why do not you get advice from them and behave smarter when you fall into those cases?

– It is true that I have a professional team, they are intelligent, agile, deal with good communication crisis. However, I am also a human being, I am grumpy and in a busy career filming for a new MV, so I can not be kind.

In fact, my Facebook is just a place to interact with friends and fans. I do not intend to become a teacher or a sage, or what an inspiring home is on my personal page. I also do not sell, post ads or book events there. It was just a place to tease friends, talk to fans, express my thoughts, my personal opinions, so I reacted when Hoai Anh "played with her" like that.

* This has irritated many netizens, especially in recent times, their language has a high level of conflict. Of writing status lines on individual and livestream pages?

– Internet users have reached almost 3 million Facebook users, only a few exasperated voices have renamed me. However, I have no responsibility to make them happy or to alleviate their indignation. They themselves may be angry for many different reasons if this reason is different from their flow of thought. I can not please some paranoid netizens like that. Let the doctors psychologically help them, will be better than me.

Looking at the recent scandal, I was dragged to a scapegoat

Does this mean that you allow the celebrity to have the right to say something wrong?

"In fact, everyone knows how to speak badly, but it's important to say what's wrong. Children who come to their hometown to know how to speak also know how to speak badly. Adults, when stress also speaks badly. Some people talk funny and gracefully, there are people who are repulsive and hateful. Our artists also have many people who can talk and talk nonsense, you try to play with a group of artists, they talk stupidly and have fun. Do not play!

* However, celebrities are the idols of many people, especially young people. When such a strong statement on Facebook is in conflict, do you think it will affect young people?

– Do not say that! Having said that, my impact on language is more powerful than the parents, teachers, schools, educational systems of the younger generation?

Teens, small children, are now closely monitored and managed by their parents. They are also intelligent children, they understand what the problem is. When information B is available, they will find information A to connect and draw conclusions for them. Life, everyone has conflicts and is forced to solve one way or another. Children today are very intelligent and understand this.

If I evaluate them, they will look at my work, non-stop work, look at my music products, creativity in my product to judge whether I have the ability, yes old or not. They will also see how I work, contribute to community volunteering, and judge whether I am good or not. I'm already a fan of myself, or people who like me are, most of the time, sincere, sincere and not counterfeit people.

Dam Vinh Hung: "Judging and despising me, why do I stand still and watch?" - photo 2 "data-src =" "caption =" Dam Vinh Hung: "Judging, reproaching me, why am I? on here? I'm looking? - photo 2 "/></div><p style=* Do you think you have a lot in this case?

– If the person who has a mouthpiece should be Mrs. Hoai Anh, not me, but I have another lesson to deal with my bad players, playing on my back. And Hoai Anh will also have its own lessons.

* What is your lesson?

– Determining to enter showbiz, the bigger the boat, the bigger the wave. Cities and scandals always surround the star, if one day you find yourself too quiet, which means you are out of time.

However, if I reconsidered with calm, all the scandals that were involved with me were being reprimanded, being dragged to a scapegoat for the public. I of course do not raise my voice about others, I am very hardworking and difficult to do my things but it seems they are very upset when I am on top for long and very durable. They kept wanting to drag me into the mud and, at their feet, would be relieved. It's a jealous and ugly mentality.

However, I realized one thing: people who love will understand and protect themselves, those who hate, I have the right way or the way they still hate. From a very clear word, the sentence is also distorted and elevates the point of view to another meaning, they associate and put the words too far, and I read that my words are being discussed by "scholars" in class

* So the fans of Dam Vinh Hung will learn from your reaction, your speech to the conflicts and conflicts in life?

– Be fair and observe reality. Any fan of all has their reactions to protect their idols. Even I get messages from other people's fans, even if they cause me problems.

To the fans, I am not only an idol, but also their close relatives, so it is natural to react to protection. I'll definitely ask every fan what they've learned from me, so I'll get back to you the next time.

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* Do you worry about being ostracized?

– Businesses that are not children up to 3, but hear them say boycott. I also have doubts that I am actually boycotted (laughs!). Until I appeared on the street or stepped on the stage, there were still many people nearby asking for autographs. The show ticket is still sold, the tea room is full of seats, so I have no doubts about doing anything weary.

My fan, what's my audience 20 years from now? We understand each other and believe in each other. I used to be in a scandal in the sky that was much more intense at first, but I believe that those who understand the story will see the process of producing this scandal clearly: I am not a lighter person that lights up.

* Many opinions have said that he lived by advertising, this boycott will affect the brands he is representing or not?

– It's true that I have influence and a large fan base in the country, so the brands choose me. But I'm almost 50 years old, I'm not as young as the younger ones, and I know where I am.

In fact, by signing a particular brand, the representative will usually be limited to many other partners of the same type of service. For example, if I sign a contract for several billion years, it will be considered forever buried under this label. Because there are rare labels that reuse the "talent" your opponents have used. Events will not appear, the display will also be restricted if there are sponsors who are competitors of the advertised brand.

Meanwhile, I am the most "indiscriminate" artist in the country. Someone I know and hard to say refusal, is it just a loss of income and a decrease in affection?

* A new airline, Bamboo Airways, was also harassed because the number of anti-fans boycotted it, what do you think?

"It's true that once an airline invited me to announce, but I refused. Since I constantly fly, all the airlines that meet my work hours are flying. It's just a way to help me get where I want to go. If you get the ad, you will not be able to fly with other brands.

Before my innocuous picture taken at Bamboo, the FLC was attacked, so before praising Vietnam Airlines, why did no one boycott to "make money"?

* You'll apologize to the public for being a celebrity, but do you have a shocking statement?

"I'm going to apologize for bringing me to this unworthy story.

* Thanks for sharing!

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