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The incident occurred at the hospital's Pediatric Department on the evening of April 15. A 5-year-old patient was hospitalized with abdominal pain, after the medical and ultrasound examination, everything was normal. When the doctor suggested that the baby be followed, the family members had a word back to the doctor and they invaded and beat the doctor.

Health and Life newspaper quoted Ms. Nguyen Hong Truong, director of Vinh Vinh General Hospital, said the doctor named Nguyen Huy Huong, a young doctor, had signed a contract with the hospital. After the incident, Dr. Huong was admitted to the hospital for treatment, the hospital also sent people to visit him and encourage him to be mentally stable.

The case has now been transferred to the police department and the opinions of the hospital need to address the behavior of the physician's violence to set an example.

Meanwhile, while health is stable, Dr. Nguyen Huy Huong is still shocked by what happened.

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General Hospital of the City of Vinh (Nghe An), where the medical assault took place. Photo: SK and ĐS

Earlier, according to witnesses, at about 10:00 pm on April 15, when he was on duty at the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Huong directly received a 5-year-old girl from the Emergency Department. Infants hospitalized with abdominal pain and emergency did not present ultrasonography of the abdomen. The baby is awake and walks normally. Clinical examination of children with mild pharyngitis and lymph nodes in the neck. Her family said her colic had been oiled, but it was not good, so she let her go to the hospital because her parents worked away.

Conflicts occur when the doctor directs the baby's lungs to check through the baby's shirt. A receiver who is your uncle "taught" the doctor that the hearing is not correct.

Dr. Huong explained the condition of the baby through ultrasound and the examination was not too severe to suspect gastritis and return to the hospital for further follow-up.

However, the children of the family began to show their attitude of sitting and nodding to the doctor. When the explanation is complete, the doctor recommends that the family member put his feet down, the pediatrician's uncle curses the doctor. It works and threatens to kill the doctor for "not knowing the doctor".

When the doctor's direction of the specialization division for the baby is the work of the family doctor should not intervene when suddenly another child's uncle jumped in the punch in the face. When the doctor's direction did not complete his soul, the patient's family again takes the next blow. However, the doctor avoided the second punch, and by that time the two sons of the uncle ran to beat the doctor.

"I fled to the end of the corridor but was still being chased by the two family members. Those who were present interfered, but someone else was still chasing punches, "Huong said.

At this point, the doctor was cornered at the end of the hallway and there was a protest but did not hit the object, he continued to be attacked by sick family members. Dangerous situation, Dr. Huong ran away. Seeing that situation, someone called the police and the police arrived.

Dr. Huong said that when he arrived at the police station to work, he was stunned and vomited, so he was treated at Nghe An Friendship Hospital for treatment.

The incident at the General Hospital of Vinh City once again raised concerns about the health workers' situation being assaulted.

Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien has repeatedly condemned acts of violence against doctors and expressed concern when the health sector is almost alone in the fight against doctors.

The problem of assaulting persons who are in service in administrative and non-commercial establishments is stipulated in the Examination and Treatment Act, as well as in other civil laws. However, according to the health sector leader, in addition to the instructions, the request of the hospital's security ministry must condemn such cases, educate the ideology, the attitude and deal strictly, even deal with criminal justice.

The Minister of Health sincerely wants public opinion, the media and the authorities to participate in preventing, severely punishing the doctors, who are treating patients.

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