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Saturday, April 20, 2014, 13:06 (GMT + 7)

The semifinals in the Champions League and in the Europa League, each Premier League tournament contributes 2 representatives. And now, the most beautiful scenario that the British can dream of, are the two English finals in the European arena.

The crazy twist of events between Man City – Tottenham

Champions League Final: Liverpool – Tottenham?

In the period from 2006 to 2009, three consecutive seasons in English football contributed to three representatives in the semifinal of the Champions League. It was the glorious period of the Premier League. In particular, the most prominent is the domestic final of the British in the 2007/08 season. And if there was no scandal from Tom Henning Ovrebo, it would be possible for Manchester United and Chelsea to return soon after that.

British Premier League dominates Europe: Cup Final C1, League Europa across England? - 1

Liverpool and Tottenham meet in the Champions League final

But since then, the giants of the Premier League have weakened gradually. The last time the haze reached the top of the Champions League was in the 2011/12 season, with Chelsea's first ever title. Last season Liverpool were hopeful when they reached the final but could only finish second against an old Real Madrid and many tricks.

This year, English football still has the opportunity to launch the ball in Europe. In the Champions League, all four representatives of Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham reach the quarter-finals, albeit in different ways. And now Liverpool and Tottenham join hands in the semifinals. If Man City and Tottenham are not eliminating each other then it is very likely that the country has had another representative in the semifinals.

The opportunity to win the final of the Champions League this season becomes the domestic battle of the British is great. Barcelona is the number one contender in the league, but do not forget that Liverpool is also the number two candidate. And even Liverpool's "trident" is more unpredictable than a Barcelona that trusts Lionel Messi. Salah, Mane or Firmino can become absolutely "Liverpool's Messi" on a beautiful day.

In the other game, Tottenham is still a bit better than Ajax. Observing how the North London side beat Man City in the quarter-finals, the Brits had the right to wait for the English final between Tottenham and Liverpool on June 1.

Chelsea, Arsenal look forward to the final in the Europa League final

Two giants Arsenal and Chelsea are showing ambition to conquer the Europa League. When the first division of the Premier League is still very complicated, it is easier for these two London giants to win the Europa League. Because they are all stronger teams than the others.

Premier League British dominate Europe: Cup Final C1, League Europa throughout England? - 2

Arsenal and Chelsea shining in the Europa League final

In the Europa League semi-final, Arsenal came into conflict with Valencia and Chelsea met Eintracht Frankfurt. In terms of strength and reputation, the two representatives of the English Premier League deserve to be ranked above. And now, the Europa League final is likely to be the London derby.

Over the years, the British football team invested a lot of money to constantly update the team. And now, the setting of two finals of the Champions League and the English League of Europe is very clear. This is the result that the land of fog deserves.

And it also accurately reflects the wealth of the Premier League – the number one planet league in terms of finance. The English football team is supported by a national championship with an excellent financial base, offering them hundreds of millions of pounds per year. The result comes to the land of mist as something inevitable.

Juventus are shocked with Ajax: the great feat saves the Cup C1

Ajax's victory over Juventus will keep the Champions League in good standing.


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