Crowd people thieves car brave chase


Tuesday, January 29, 2019 18:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The object pretended to rent a motorbike to go to his hometown, to go to the empty road, using a knife to control and steal the car, but he was caught in a hammock.

At noon 29-1, the Thu Thua District Police Department (Long An) issued an order to arrest and arrest the criminal Vo Tan Thanh (SN 1992, Dong Thap village, Duc Hoa Ha district, Duc Hoa). , Long An) on property theft.

On the afternoon of January 28, Thanh arrived at the gate of the Tan Duc Industrial Park to meet Mr. Nguyen Van An (June 1960, living in the village of Binh Tien 1, Duc Hoa Ha) to rent a motorbike taxi to Dong Thap a high price.

Mr. An followed the direction of National Highway N2 to go to Dong Thap. Upon entering the territory of Hamlet 4, Long Thanh Commune, Thu Thua district, Thanh asked An to stop to go to the bathroom. Immediately after getting off the bus, Thanh drew the knife to control the victim, forced himself to bring the papers, and then ran to escape. Listening to the voices of the songs, local people chased and held objects with evils and material weapons.

Initially stated to see Mr. An running a good bike, he intended to steal the car by selling it to Tet.

The thief was caught by a professional dog while hiding in the cane fields

The villain was hunted by a professional dog and discovered when he was in a 20-ha wide reed at Tech Park …


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