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Croatian angle – Croatia: The Three Lions will be patiently pursuing

Croatian angle - Croatia: The Three Lions will be patiently pursuing

Southgate is different now

One of the most important and important features of England after the 2018 World Cup is the transformation of tactics. As the three defenders played, coach Gareth Southgate started playing with four defenders and he has been particularly successful in recent games. As a result, no one doubted the tactics of England before the match with Croatia again. Anyway, the only problem is how the three players will play, with the diagram 4-3-3, before the current team of two teams?

Of course, depending on the situation or specific situation. But from a subjective perspective, how to play first is preparation, strength and belief in oneself. These are all the details that are supporting the Southgate.

At the moment, only Southgate's expertise, not Southgate's status, is under analysts' pressure on the news. In the past, he criticized the three Southgate defenders, pointing out that the three defenders were defending four defenders. But the way Southgate played (3-5-2) was a huge success at the 2018 World Cup. So Southgate itself now has a new weapon. It is faith, spirit and bravery. He is more comfortable and confident in his professional work. And when Southgate returned suddenly to the scheme 4-3-3, he got it immediately. On the other hand, if you think the game depends on staff, the situation of Southgate now, just like the 2018 World Cup, is no different. He always has the right players for his professional opinion.

From the 2018 World Cup semifinals to the League of Nations opening in 2018/19, England's Southgate lost three matches to Croatia, Belgium and Spain. After that, England won 3, drawn 1 against Switzerland, Croatia, Spain and USA. The 1-0 win over Switzerland was a turning point for the Southgate to pass through a 3-5-2 formation into a 4-3-3 formation. That means the current 4-3-3 was well prepared, not a casual solution or an accidental success.

Patience and trust

In theory, 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 are the same. The difference between the 3-5-2 is that these graphics always have two midfielders / wingers of support for the single striker, although the defense also has two defenders. Thus, the force to attack the edge will be stronger, and certainly is one of the important factors, it is worth looking at England in the game against Croatia.

On the other hand, it is clear that the current game has to take two sides as it is used to deal with strong teams. How to play 3-5-2 success in the 2018 World Cup, because then he encountered a weak opponent (or not very strong). They need to keep more ball, active attack, so they need more midfield to dominate the midfield. No side attack, Southgate teachers can not "rock" technical skills, attacking the middle, "English" style before Spain or Croatia! This is not purely theoretical – and therefore the two sides are very important but contain no unexpected elements.

The winner of the FA Cup – Croatia will advance to the next round (and there are very good bonuses), the losing team will be re-rank. Yes, everyone knows. But suppose the League of Nations is over … now, although England have not won first place, but the Croatian team is a flop. Meaning the new Croatian team is under pressure and the pressure will increase as the 0-0 score in the next game holds. The requirements for teachers at Southgate are that they need to be confident and patient. When there is the ball, England will actively coordinate from the defense – this is not news to the defender because this is a "fad" of the Premier League team. This is also in agreement with the defenders who have four defenders and a requirement of confidence. Without a ball, English players will be patient for the counterattack before a Croat is forced to score. The 4-3-3 plan with the "open" patio is also very convenient for Britain to develop this weapon.

The key is the counterattack

Long passes from goalkeeper Jordan, Pickford opened the important situation that led to two-thirds of England's team in a 3-2 victory over Spain. This can be the key to creating opportunities when you meet strong opponents, high pressure and prefer to keep the ball, attack. Croatia is so rival. Specialist in the animation of the English village with the 4-3-3 scheme of Gareth Southgate is also because the scheme is consistent with the counterattack.

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