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VnEconomy presented the recommendations and investment recommendations of some securities firms on market performance on November 27,

Closing the trading session on November 26, the VN-Index index climbed 3.06 points to 921.03 points. Meanwhile, the HNX index fell 0.29 points to 103.98 points.

There is a slight upward trend

(Bao Viet Securities Limited Company – BVSC)

"The market is expected to have a slight upward trend with the pull and diversification between stocks in the next sessions, investors must carefully and carefully select shares in the period.

Follow regional market trends

(Investment and Development Bank of Vietnam – BSC)

"In the view of the BSC, the local market rose in a regional market trend with the MSCI index rising 1.48%, including the Japanese market, thanks to the positive sentiment of investors at the next G20 meeting.

Keep gaining momentum

(FPT Securities Joint Stock Company – FPTS)

"The correlation between the indices on today's two stock exchanges has shown that the impact of external cash flow on indexes is increasing, especially when trading has focused on only a few large-cap stocks. likely to have a positive recovery.

In addition, the discount status of ETFs is also being reduced. So if the psychological factor does not change, the Vietnamese market is likely to continue to gain momentum. However, this status, if prolonged, would be risky as the talks between the US and China at the G20 summit did not produce the expected results.

Trading is still favorable only for the purpose of trading capital or looking for opportunities in futures contracts. Expectations to remain should continue until there is an improvement in liquidity. "

Maintain a balance between money and stocks

(Viet Dragon Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"The two indexes were mixed when the VN-Index gained slightly and the HNX index fell slightly, and liquidity fell sharply in the two stock exchanges, two indexes tend to move sideways in the short term.Keeping a positive balance between cash and stocks, the increase in share exposure should only occur when the opening sessions are successful. "

Check peak 925

(Joint Stock Company Viet Capital Securities – VCSC)

"The short-term technical indicators of the VN-Index, VN30 and HNXIndex remained positive, but signs of weakness are still showing up tomorrow, VN-Index and VN30. With the large caps, we can revisit the nearest peaks in 925 and 900 before retreating to closure.

Not benefiting from large inventories, the HNX index may decline to test MA10 and MA20 support at 102.5-103 points. By breaking this level, the HNX-Index will lose the signal to return to the sides or down.

We recommend that investors gradually reduce short-term stock exposure to low levels in last week's news and this strategy will continue to be applied in the coming sessions. "

Voltage in the 900-930 range

(Saigon – Hanoi Joint Stock Company Secondary Stocks – SHS)

"It is expected that in the trading session on November 27, the VN-Index index could continue to struggle and move sideways in the range of 900-930 points with low liquidity. High proportion of shares should continue to watch the recovery recover to about of 930 points to sell low proportion.

In the opposite direction, investors should have high cash flow should not rush and should only consider disbursed if the market has a successful interval session 930 points with good liquidity to confirm the two models perfect lower.

The market comment of securities companies listed by VnEconomy is valid only as a source of reference information. Securities firms may have conflicts of interest with investors when making a judgment.


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