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Monday, February 11, 2019 6:06 pm (GMT + 7)

MU is actively preparing for the big battle with PSG on the morning of February 13, within the framework of 1/8 of the Champions League. Before the great battle, the top of the "Red Devils" unleashed a venom to leverage the spirit of Solskjaer.

MU's latest win in the Premier League before Fulham

No team impressed in the Premier League now with MU. On December 18, "Red Devil" defeated Jose Mourinho, after a 1 to 3 defeat in England against Liverpool. At that time, MU was below 4 to 11 points.

MU play PSG Cup C1: Officially named coach Solskjaer when announced? - 1

Coach Solskjaer received the confidence of his students

On December 19, Vice President Ed Woodward announced the appointment of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to a temporary position. Basically, Manchester staff did not expect much in this temporary scheme. Before being named, "Solsa" also worked in England, leading the Cardiff Club, but failed.

But after the 26th round, MU coach Solskjaer made an unbeaten 11-game circuit in which there were 10 wins to reach the top 4. So in order to help Norwegian military rulers "feel safe to work," prepare for the extremely difficult period with many great games in February and March, the MU top reached a decision. finally.

According to Sun Sports, MU has officially appointed manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as MU's manager. This happened after the conversation between co-president Avram Glazer and coach Solskjaer. Earlier, the two Glazer presidents, Avram Glazer and Joel Glazer, discussed and agreed on the hot spots "Red Devils." Now everyone is waiting for MU's official announcement.

So MU decided to stay with coach Solskjaer, and information related to two other bright candidates are Zinedine Zidane and Mauricio Pochettino as the end. While Mourinho was fired, the Manchester people were waiting for the name of Zidane to appear. But Solskjaer arrived and turned everything around.

MU play PSG Cup C1: Officially named coach Solskjaer when announced? - 2

Vice President Ed Woodward and United Co-President, Avram Glazer

However, if Pochettino is chased, MU will have to pay a fee to break a huge contract with Tottenham. Because the Argentine military is still under contract with the North London team. And that's also part of the reason the Glazers choose Solskjaer. Before arriving at the Old Trafford home team, "Solsa" is leading the Molde home team. Of course, the fee to break Solskjaer's contract with the Molde is much lower than that of Pochettino and Tottenham.

According to Sun Sport, already at the end of this season, MU officially announced the decision to appoint coach Solskjaer. If so, the "young killer face" will be the first student to sit officially on the hot bench left by Sir Alex Ferguson. Ryan Giggs took temporary positions in the 2013/14 season, but it was not impressive.

Mu is excited to wait for PSG: Solskjaer is strong and dreams of winning the Premier League

The Solskjaer coach has a very optimistic mood before the battle against PSG.


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