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Clarifying 13 people using guns to attack the commune police group


On 11/6, Thanh Hoa province police said, the Thieu Hoa district police investigated and cleared 13 objects in the area of ​​Thieu Khanh commune, TP. Thanh Hoa used knives, swords, water pipes to disturb public order and attack, causing injuries to the Thieu Tan Commune police. In particular, the temporary detention order of 7 person criminals includes: Duong Van Long, Do Dinh Thang, Viet Hung, Viet Cuong, Viet Son, Mai Trong Tien and Nguyen Tien Anh.

Clearing 13 items using weapons to attack the commando police group - 1

The subjects are kept in custody and exhibitions.

Before that, around 8 pm on June 7, Mr. Do Duy Tam, Chief of Police of Thieu Tan, district of Thieu Hoa received the news from the masses: In village 1, the commune of Thieu Tan fought and fought. between 1 group in Thieu Khanh commune, TP. Thanh Hoa with his grandson, Hà Hữu Chính.

After receiving the news, Mr. Tam and the officials: Do Viet Xuyen, police officer; From Duy Lan, Head of Village 1 and 2, Mr. Nguyen Huu Nhan and Do Dang Linh were members of a Village 1 Group that came to the scene to stop and resolve the fight.

At the scene, the working group found that three young men were beating and causing injuries to Mr. Ha Van Chin, so he controlled an object and asked the Police Headquarters to clarify the community, but that person is not respecting.

About 5 minutes later, there were 1 group of young people with more than 10 people traveling in 6 motorcycles carrying knives, swords, water pipes to attack, causing injuries to Mr. Do Duy Tam, Do Xuyen Viet, Do Duy Lan, Nguyen Huu Nhan and Do Dang Linh.

On June 9, 13 subjects related to this case went to the police department to confess.

The case is being investigated and clarified.

Binh Minh

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