Bui Van Cong's wife heard the sound of female students crying and begging for help when they were abused


Regarding the case of the student Cao My D who was delivering chickens murdered on the afternoon of Tet 30, on March 20-21, the Dien Bien Provincial Police prosecuted the defendant and arrested three more related objects.

In particular, Bui Thi Kim Thu (44-year-old wife of the object formerly arrested Bui Van Cong) was sued for investigating acts of not reporting criminals. So far, the Police Department of Dien Bien Province has prosecuted and detained 8 people charged with acts of unlawful arrest, murder, rape, illegal drug use and non-denunciation. crime.

Bui Van Cong Khai's wife heard the cry of a student and cried out for help when she was raped - Photo 1.

Object Bui Thi Kim Thu. Photo: VNA

According to Legal Guard, Bui Van Cong and Bui Thi Kim Thu are the two most stubborn characters. Both husband and wife have many tricks and tactics to deal with the police.

Despite knowing her husband and co-detainees, organizing the rape of Cao My D. 3 days and nights, then murdering the victim, but Thu has not yet reported that the accomplice hid, pretending to be the first to find the body of the victim . ; launched many false news that distracted the investigative agency.

Thu stated that on the 30th of New Year until the morning of the third day, she knew that her husband was Bui Van Cong (44 years old) and his comrades had controlled and raped the victim. Lying in the bedroom, Thu heard the girl's hand delivering chickens, crying weakly for being tied up, stuffing rags into her mouth.

The behavior implementation process, Bui Kim Thu is the person who knows the incident. Through the testimony of the subjects, it is at least 2 times that Thu himself finds a group of people playing in a corrupt way with Cao Thi My D.

Bui Kim Thu – Bui Van Cong's wife saw the goal of Hill Pham Van Nhiem's ​​game, according to information from an employee who shared the examination in the Labor newspaper, on the evening of the first day of the Lunar New Year. Defeated with high school girl Cao My Duyen in the bedroom, she said ill, "You do not do this in my room."

In addition to falsely reporting to the police, Thu told everyone what the officer had asked to continue "filming news", talking, listening, distracting the investigative agency.

In addition, according to Legal Guard newspaper, during the March 23 search, the Investigation Agency conducted a search and seized a series of evidence and traces hidden in Bui Van Cong's house. In particular, police obtained a number of padded mats with rice (seat type) – a material used by seven objects to invade the victims in the Cong's living room.

On the afternoon of February 4, Cao My Duyen drove a motorcycle with 13 chickens to sell to a man who bought goods by phone. That night, the student studying at the University of Agriculture and Forestry of Thailand Nguyen disappeared, so the family reported to the police.

On the morning of February 7, the girl's body was discovered in the breeding area of ​​the abandoned house in the commune of Thanh Nua. At this point, the victim only wore autumn clothes, all property was lost. The autopsy results confirmed that 22-year-old girls died of strangulation.

Almost two months after the trial, the Investigation Agency sued 8 defendants for murder, rape, robbery, illegal detention, illegal possession of narcotics and non-criminal charges. committed.

They include: Bui Van Cong (mentor), Bui Thi Kim Thu (wife Cong), Vuong Van Hung, Pham Van Nhiem, Luong Van Hung, Lu Van Van Lu, Vuong Van Hung, Pham Van Dung Chuong.


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