"Boredom" turned to extortion 100 million girls


This villain is Cao Viet Hoa (SN 1989, hometown of Ninh Truc district, Nam Dinh province). Taking the false name, Tran Thanh Phong, Hoa learned and asked the love question with Nguyen (residing in Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province).

Boredom turned to extortion 100 million girls - 1

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Two people have sex several times. In early February 2016, Hoa suddenly came back, often threatening text messages, threatening Nguyen to give him VND 100 million otherwise he would send "hot" clips to the family.

Too preoccupied on February 11, 1919, Nguyen was forced to make an appointment at a coffee shop in town. Vinh Yen to put in advance the amount of VND 65 million. At the right time to receive money, Hoa was discovered by police forces, caught with berries. Based on the documents collected, on February 28, CATP Vinh Yen CQĐT issued a decision to sue Cao Viet Hoa on charges of Forced Asset.

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