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Bird breeding or "lizard" rocks, learn how to keep houses like dogs


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Excerpt is that wild birds that used to appear a lot in rural fields from north to south. Due to the changing environment and widespread hunting and hunting, the number of extraction birds plummeted. Currently, in many places, a model of wild bird extraction has been introduced, which has high economic efficiency, contributing to the preservation of "hot tempered" birds when being abused and maintaining houses like this.

The female sparrow has the scientific name of Porphyrio poliocephalus, belonging to the Water Chicken family distributed in the provinces of southern China and Southeast Asian countries.

In the northern provinces, the late 1990s flooded the marshes, wild ponds, low-lying areas at the time of harvesting the spring or summer-autumn rice plantations, and encountered many wild birds.

They are often paired with strange noises compared to other birds and often nest among the rice fields. Thus, in the past, peasants from the north claimed to be one of the most broken rice birds.

Breeding birds & # 34; hits & # 34; or rock, learn how to keep a house like a dog - 1

A pair of face cocks were sold by the owner in Tay Ninh for more than 1.9 million pounds on the Internet. Photo: IT.

Stretch is a rare bird, with beautiful colors with very distinct blue fur. The cuckoo bird has a red crest like a lipstick, tall legs also stand out with lipstick color and short black cavity.

The color of the coat, the color of the crest, the color of the legs and the rapid nature of the bird's extract have created a harmonious and highly aesthetic environment. Because of this, the wild bird is often created by many people as a pet bird.

Breeding birds & # 34; hits & # 34; or rock, learn how to keep a house like a dog - 2

Snails, crabs, fish … are the species that the foil likes to eat. In addition, the breeder of birds can give a bird to eat more types of roots, price, cotton weapon … Photo:

Mr. Pham Van The – owner of a farm that currently creates one hundred orphaned birds in Vinh Phuc, said it is noteworthy to raise the quality of the female bird. The seed should be purchased from the artificial village or put out of nature, when the mother has just been born, the bird will be adopted soon (if the young bird does not grow, the mother will take away).

In the village of Thuan Tien, Binh Son commune, Hon Dat district (Kien Giang), there is Ha Van O who specializes in the creation of cotyledons and the "training" of primary birds (birds used to attract wild birds). Mr. O is the one who has created a cuckoo bird since the age of 10 and lives creating cuckoo birds, for example, to extract a bird.

Breeding birds & # 34; hits & # 34; or rock, know how to keep a house like a dog - 3

The mother of the sparrow caught in young birds. Photo: IT

In the town of Phuoc Long, Phuoc Long district in the province of Bac Lieu, Mr. Tran Van Nam has more than 30 birds. The birds drawn from the husband and wife of the couple of two birds who think how the son is working in Kien Giang province to give.

At present, the husband of Mr. and Mrs. Nam creates a herd of ravenous birds like the chicken. Each year, the three spawning roofs are extracted (from April to June), with an average of 2 to 4 eggs for each spawning. Young children raised after 1 month can sell for 500,000 VND / pair of birds. For a great quote, after 6 months of creation, the feathers are green and sold by Mr. Nam for 1 to 1.5 million VND / head.

Breeding birds & # 34; hits & # 34; or rock, know how to keep a house like a dog - 4

Mrs. Pham Thi My (wife of Mr. Tran Van Nam) gave the flock to the birds to eat. Photo: M.L. Ca Mau Journal.

Wild birds were bred when they were pure and familiar, so the owner could let them walk like chickens. Like a wild bird, the cuckoo is quite "hot" even when bred. In the past, in the Northern Delta, it was very difficult to catch a bird except by using a trap.

When arrested, though frightened and frightened, the thugs could still "quarrel" with the "hundred thousand" with their sharp beaks and use their legs to kick. So when the old times were taken away, people had to leave their eyes and quickly pick up a sharp beak and quickly tie their legs.

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A pair of wild ciprinids are looking for food in the Tra Su cajuput forest in the Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. Photo: Huu Thanh-Nguyen Van Tam (Ninh Thuan Newspaper).

According to Tran Van Nam, the quest for pure agriculture still retains the "fierce" nature of strangers. When strangers enter the house, or if they are being pestered, they jump on the rock and cry aloud. Even when he picked it up, when he released the quote, he still rolled over and kicked and screamed louder. Therefore, it is said that this bird is very "hot" and able to keep houses like dogs.

The auto mechanic is passionate about raising birds, earning 15 to 20 million VND per month

Thanks to dare to think, dare to do, invest in the model of French pigeon breeding – the bird "love", the guy is a repairman …

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