Billiard Shock: Decisive Battle unleashed a record of "crazy engine", defeating the World Cup "King"


Friday, June 21, 2019 18:21 (GMT + 7)

(Pool) Tran Quy Chien soon shocked the World Cup in Belgium with a series of 18 points that hit the world's biggest carom monument, Torbjorn Blomdahl.

Quy Chien 18-point series video:

On the evening of June 21, Vietnamese players entered the official phase of the carambola tournament of the 3-Cup Blankenberge 2019 World Cup in Belgium. In particular, the greatest attention is given to Tran Quyet Chien (3rd world class) – which should protect 80 points for the champion.

Billiard Shock: Deciding to Beat the Record

Tran Quyet fight "crazy muscle" 18 points to defeat superstar 44 times to win the World Cup in the opening match

In the opening match, the No. 1 player from Vietnam injured the extremely difficult opponent Torbjorn Blomdahl (16th in the world rankings). The Swedish player is the biggest monument in the history of the world's carom billiards, honored as the "King of the World Cup" with a record of 44 titles, while second place Dick Jaspers was only 24 times.

A big surprise soon occurred in the third round, Quyet Chien shocked the entire audience with the line "crazy muscle" to record 18 points and lead the match early in the range of 22 – 6 This is also the largest series record in the World Cup of Blankenberge so far.

For the second half, Quyet Chien continued to retain his lead. He has two additional series of 5 and 4 to finish the match with a score of 40-17 after only 14 laps.

Billiard Shock: Deciding to Beat the Record

Torbjorn Blomdahl lost to ambush for Vietnamese soldiers

The impressive victory in the opening match against the world's largest carom monument has helped War Battle to have a huge advantage in winning 1 of 2 tickets for the knockout round. In addition, this is also a statement about the determination to protect the scores of Vietnamese players who have the highest rankings in the world ranking.

In the group stage, the War Decision in Table F is extremely difficult. In addition to the Blomdahl monument, this tournament also features the number one monster from France, "Bury Jeremy", and the player is in great shape with De Backer qualifier (Belgium).

A top Vietnamese billiard player shines at the World Cup: bursting into the world

Ma Ming Cam played a match before Nelin Dion in a match that had to be won.


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