Being confused with female passengers and texting "girl forgive me", Hai Van driver was dismissed


Hai Van driver, the female passenger car driver, is mistaken and goes home to apologize

Recently the online community has awakened the fact that a female passenger was tainted and touched by the driver in a sensitive area on a night bus from Buon Me Thuot to Da Nang.

Missing a passenger and sending text messages to forgive him, the driver of Hai Van was fired - Photo 1.

According to the victim's sister told the story in a closed group on Facebook, on June 14 last, her sister took a bus Hai Van moving from the city Buon Me Thuot (Dak Lak) to Da Nang Around the 4:30, this sister was caught by a driver in the car, making a complicated and moving game. According to the girl who posted the incident, the driver descended into a parade and dismissed the responsibility.

"In the morning, at 4:30 p.m. on 14/6, the driver of the Hai Van car suffered from his sister's car accident while she was asleep. He pretended to wear blankets and then placed some sensitive parts in his hands. My sister discovered that he was about to run away.

My sister's video is located in Hoa Phuoc. My sister then screamed and cursed him. He said nothing, just apologized. After a while my sister made a big deal, he went out on Hoa Cam and ignored the responsibility"- the girl told the incident on Facebook.

Missing a passenger and sending text messages to forgive him, the driver of Hai Van was fired - Photo 2.

The image of the driver is registered by the passenger

Remarkably, according to the girl reporting the incident, despite ignoring the responsibility, the driver then sent a message apologizing to his sister, begging the passenger not to make a big deal and ask for compensation.

"At first he even argued, but then sent a message apologizing, hoping his sister would ignore her. From that day until today my sister was always in a state of sadness, asking what or what she said, she cried, she seemed very unhappy."- the sister reported the incident.

Posts of driver texting the girl after the incident

Immediately after the posting, the post immediately caused upheaval in the online community, expressing many harsh opinions because, this is not the first time the situation of passing women being drivers, driving Sam

Hai Van car confirms the incident, said he had chased the driver of a passenger

Regarding the above incident, according to information from the Lao Dong newspaper, the Hai Van car representative confirmed the incident occurred in the passenger car 43B – 02959 running on the route from the city of Quang Phu – Da Nang on June 14.

The car's representative said that on this bus trip, the passenger car driver named Vinh had acted to harass female passengers in the car. Mr. Vinh has just been accepted by Hai Van to be a driver for less than 3 months, without a contract of employment yet.

Missing the passenger and sending him text messages to forgive him, the driver of Hai Van was fired - Photo 4.

Hai Van Car Headquarters in Da Nang – Photo: Ha Nam

According to information on VTC News, Hai Van car decided to fire the driver in the incident.

"This driver has only been running for a few months, and we have resigned. The driver also knew the error, apologizing to the passengers. After this incident, the car also installs cameras in vehicles to monitor daily the more rigorous control, to avoid similar cases.", Mr. Nguyen Anh Xuan, owner of the car Hai Van runs Da Nang – Dak Lak on the VTC News.



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