Beautiful, but lacking in attraction, 3 cult visuals from Kpop are little criticized


Ji Soo (black rose)

The visual position of Black Pink belongs to Ji Soo, which is also what members of the group recognize. The girl has the face that many companies are anxious, SM has already intended to "steal" Ji Soo from YG. Every time a photo is published or at an event, the singer always makes the audience admire the beauty of the class. The female idol appeared easily on the search panel only for a series of "beautiful" images.

However, Ji Soo is not getting the attention he deserves. She seemed to be "flat" in front of Jennie, Lisa. An Internet department claimed that Ji Soo chose the wrong group to debut. Black Pink exalted the stage, the girl temper crushed and Ji Soo a little faded, just cute face.

Ji Soo has a beautiful appearance.

Despite being a visual top, the fictional visions of Ji Soo are hard to match with Jennie, Lisa – members who are famous for their temperament and stage style. Netizen said that the female idols are "sinking" in the group because there is no difference in attraction.

Lisa's dancing ability, Jennie's temperament, Rosé's voice overshadowed a beauty-only Ji Soo who did not stand out on stage. The girl who was criticized for her weak dancing skills when she debuted early, the tone is not suitable for Pink Black songs. As the American band advanced, the rare "land" singer showed off because of her poor English. Fans are saying that Ji Soo is unfairly treated in the group, but undeniably, the female artist's image is not in line with Black Pink's "internationalization" criterion.

Fancam of 4 members in Pink Black

Beautiful, but lacking in attraction, 3 cult visuals from Kpop are little criticized

Shuhua ((G) I-DLE)

Shuhua debuted as visual, representing the beauty of (G) I-DLE. Taiwanese idols are praised by the kind and gentle lady. However, after 3 seasons of return, the younger singing part of the song still stopped in meaningless repetitive phrases. Shuhua's true voice is a "mystery" to the fans. The Cube and the leader So Yeon are becoming targets of a "just fans" department. They thought there was an injustice when Shuhua never received clear music, just acted like a dancer in the group.

Shuhua has the smallest number of parties in the group. "Data-natural-h =" 750 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src =" -3274-9046-1555591749.jpg

Shuhua has the smallest number of parts of the group.

However, it is understandable that Shuhua is less likely to perform. She does not pronounce Korean, and her voice is low and the dance is weak. The younger of the group is actually less talented compared to the sisters of the group. Even a fan department also criticized Shuhua for having little expressiveness, hard and poor choreography on stage.

She takes a visual stance, but Soo Jin, So Yeon are the most prominent members thanks to the temperament, sexy appearance in every move.

She is barely beaten compared to her sisters in the group. "Data-natural-h =" 335 "data-natural-width =" 580 "src =" 1555591749.gif

She was poor and lacking in talent compared to the sisters in the group.

Then I won (G-Friend)

Referring to G-Friend, many people will think about SinB – idol that has a face like Jessica, or A Ji – a pretty woman making the seedlings thanks to weight loss. In fact, the group that has another great but forgotten look is the leader of So Won. She is more than 1.7m tall, long legs like the supermodel. So Won deserves more attention.

So Won is the visual, but forgotten Kpop. "Data-natural-h =" 750 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src ="

So Won is the forgotten look of Kpop.

Won then collaborated with top Kpop celebrities such as Tzuyu (Twice), Joy (Red Velvet), Mi Joo (Lovelyz), Ji Ho (Oh My Girl) and Yeon Woo (Momoland) on a special stage. . Netizen commented on the handsome G-Friend member who had a physical advantage but was still weaker than his classmates because he did not have a special temper on the stage. It seems that So Won does not know how to wear a handsome face, long legs to create focal points. If she knows how to change, more charismatic, surely So Won will be noticed, competing in the spotlight with SinB or Eun Ha.

hush miss a

Special Stage Hush & # 39; (Miss A).



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