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The 9th year of Phu Ung High School (An Thi district, Hung Yen province) was stripped by the group of friends, beating the board in the meeting class, which is causing anger in public opinion.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee of Hung Yen requested a Thi District People's Committee to consider the process of demotion of the School Party Committee, the School Council, the general in charge of the team; consider disciplining the school's disciplinary board because of the coverage and light. Classroom teachers need to be treated more severely because they "do not know the students' minds."

The provincial president of Hung Yen proposed considering the behavior of students involved in assaulting you and the children who witnessed the attack, but not discouraging, defending him weakly, allowing you to be beaten and filmed.

"Police will consider the violations of these students," VnExpress newspaper Nguyen Van Phong, chairman of the Hung Yen People Committee, quoted him as saying.

Discussing the treatment of students who participated in the defeat of his council, Prof. Dr. Pham Tat Dong, Vice President of the Vietnam Study Incentive Association, former Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda Department, said that disciplinary students beat Their advice is necessary and it is not the discipline or the handling of new speakers that these students can not improve.

"Many people think that a strong discipline should be committed to students who take part in their advice so they can see unreasonable behaviors such as human invasion, humiliating others, especially onions. is calculated carefully, "he said.

Were you disincarnated? Can you be safe in the cave?
Student N.T.H.Y, 9th grade student, Phu Ung High School, Thi district (Hung Yen), victim of the council, at the hospital. Photo: One World

Affirming that discipline does not mean losing its path of development, Prof. Dr. Pham Tat Dong suggests that the school may expel the students who beat you for a year so they cultivate, study again. As for the provincial police of Hung Yen in the investigation and investigation of violations of the above students, the expert said "a little heavy and unnecessary."

"I think the cause of the incident is not so deep that the police have to make that clear. The story is clear and there is no shortage of psychological methods for them to tell the cause.

Any act of bullying in every school in the country is possible, it is possible to loose money, furniture, beat you … In this case, you will also have to state why you do this, and the police In the investigation, it was a little heavy for children who were only 10 years old and could make the case much more complicated, "said Prof. Pham Tat Dong.

The vice president of the Vietnam Association for Study Promotion noted that in this case it is necessary to review the responsibilities of the parties such as schools and families …

"How do administrators, disciplines, unions, and youth groups … work for a long time? Do you know things like this? You know when things happen right in front of the school.

This should review the responsibility on each side. Comprehensive school party leadership, why does this happen? Does the union team already have opinions on how many other combat incidents occur?

Through this incident shows bureaucracy, management blurred for good, indifferent to the events in the school departments above. The resignation of the branch committee, the school council, the general in charge of the team; Consider disciplining the school's disciplinary board, the classroom teacher shows determination to deal with strength.

Along with this, does the family also have to understand why such things happen? If children show abnormalities, parents should pay attention and encourage them. But reality shows that in Vietnamese families, children often do not share with parents, parents do not understand their children and do not want to hear them confide, "said Dr. Pham Tat Dong.

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