Aviation personnel were reprimanded by the passengers, assault caused anger


VietJet officials were beaten by three young men at Tho Xuan Airport

WNovember 23, at the terminal for Tho Xuan airport, three objects are Pham Huu An (living in the Dong Ve wing, Thanh Hoa city), Le Van Nhi (living in Xuan Quang, Tho Xuan district) and Le Trung Dung Tho Xuan city, Tho Xuan district) here to see his friend is Manh.

Around 14pm the same day, after Mr. Manh complete the check-in procedures, all three in the lounge and the airline staff is L.T.G. Take pictures with you.

Another footage of the camera, in the case of three young people, hit the airport team aviation. Source: Facebook

G. refused because at work three objects were rushed to hit, hit, pedal. Many others have also been subjected to three beatings. The security forces then handled and delivered three young men to the Tho Xuan District Police.

L.T.G., an employee of Vietjet Air, also confirmed that she was slapped at Tho Xuan airport. Mrs. G. said that the reason she was assaulted reflected, so the group asked her to stay together, but due to being too busy, she declined and suddenly knocked.

Sister G. said that the young man attacked her with great force. This caused her to panic and take time off from work because she was so afraid.

Prior to the aggressive action of the above objects, on November 25, Police Investigation – Public Security Tho Xuan district was officially prosecuted the case, sued the defendant to conduct investigations on "Stop public order."

At the same time, the Vietnam Aviation Administration issued a decision to ban air transport in 12 months with three people personal aviation assault at Tho Xuan airport.

In addition, on the afternoon of November 26, Tho Xuan District Police (Thanh Hoa) apply preventive measures to stop out of residence for the three objects of female aviators at Tho Xuan Airport on November 23. Just to keep investigating.

Male passengers scolded, ran to the female staff at the airport because of this "caught" should check in late

This is not the first time the female aviation team has been aggressively attacked by violent assaults, which has been the case in the past. The incident happened on January 6, 1818, when the male passengers scolded, invaded the staff at Tan Son Nhat airport because of the "caught up" should check in late.

Male clip screaming, ran to the female staff at the airport because of this "caught" should check in late

Thus, the incident occurred at Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCM City), male passengers (blue shirt) are shouted, cursing the staff of Vietjet Air airline due to press for early arrival half an hour before departure without procedures.

The issue was pushed up when male passengers placed their luggage in the black bag of the airline's workstation. The passenger picked up the bag and replaced it, again being pushed by the female staff to the ground in front of many witnesses. Angry passengers hurried to beat-up female employees are immediately attacked by airport security forces.

Then the male passenger argued with the female team, claiming that he arrived early (present at the airport at 15:00), but due to be asked to queue so late to be at the same time said that he had three times suffered problems while traveling on Vietjet flights, then it needs to be "cleared".

In response, the female team also said that they did as prescribed, because passengers arrive more than 40 minutes, so can not do procedures, if you want to fly later, the passenger must pay 440,000.

Recalling the incident, aviation officials were abused, the airport robbery provoked fury - Figure 4.

Male passengers were restrained by the airport security team – cut photos of the clip.

However, Representatives of Vietjet Air confirmed the controversy of customers with their employees at the check-in counter.

A representative of Vietjet said: "After the incident, the company has been working with the staff to solve the problem, which many people believe that the female boss pushes the guest's luggage to the ground incorrectly. to the next position because the bag was in front of the employee but fell accidentally, and luggage fell to the ground the second time was due to not so smartly fall into itself.

According to Vietjet Air, the male passenger arrived late, but still asked to enter to board the plane. The flight leaves at 3:50 p.m. but arrives after 3:10 p.m., staff have already booked before 40 minutes. Representatives of this company said, when the passenger to the company closed and can not receive new customers.

Male passengers hit airline staff in the middle of Noi Bai Airport

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the case of male passengers who hit the VietNam Airlines airline staff at Noi Bai Airport in October 2016, causing much anger.

Clip: Hanoi Department of Transportation staff heads at Noi Bai airport

Thus, on the afternoon of October 18, Noi Bai, Hanoi 2 passengers Tran Duong Tung and Dao Vinh Thuan after the procedure on flight VN7256 from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh committed offensive acts and assaulted an officer of the Noi Bai Mining Center, Nguyen Le Quynh Anh at the check-in desk (counters 38).

At this point a passenger picks up the employee's collar, a male passenger will then wear the leather wallet that hit the female staff that took her Quynh Anh is shocked and nauseated, should take medical examination at Green Plaza Hospital, Hanoi.

After that, Quynh Anh was released from the hospital, at home to rest. As soon as the incident occurred, Vietnam Airlines coordinated with the authorities to make records, investigate the case.

However, the reason for many of the complaints is that one of the two female bailiffs is a government official. That is, these two people are Tran Duong Tung and Dao Ha Thuan – officials from the Hanoi Department of Transportation.

Recalling the incident, aviation officials were abused, the airport attack enraged - Photo 7.

Photo of employee being beaten at airport. Clip clip

Prior to the incident, the Hanoi Transport Department later issued a decision to suspend Mr. Dao Vinh Thuan (hired agent and assault leader), asking him to publicly apologize to female aviation personnel before October 24.

In addition, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam also decided to ban air transport for 12 months for Mr. Tung and 6 months for Mr. Thuan.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of similar violations, the Aviation Administration of Vietnam requested the ACV to direct its aviation security control force to increase surveillance, promptly detect and prosecute acts of breach of public order and discipline in airports , aerodromes or aircraft; threatening the health and life of aviation personnel; Protect the safety of people and staff working in the area of ​​airports and owned by individuals and organizations involved.

The airport authorities should intensify the work of monitoring and timely detection of the abovementioned acts, together with the ANHK forces in a timely manner. Airlines are required to actively coordinate with ANHK's service and port operators do not deal with timely attacks, threatening the health and lives of their employees. Take precautionary measures to protect the safety of employees against bullies, hooligans.


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