Audi Q5 High Speed ​​Reverse Series Vehicles


On the morning of November 13, a police chief from Quan Hoa Ward (Cau Giay district, Hanoi) go back Cause accidents in Nguyen Khanh Toan on November 12 to the police of Cau Giay district to continue investigation of clarifications.

Car for Audi Q5 back to cause accidents – Source: OFFB

According to preliminary information, the accident occurred around 5 pm from 12 to 11. At this time, the luxury car brand Audi Q5 with BKS Hanoi in the direction Nguyen Khanh Toan Dao Tan suddenly rose at high speed, hit the two bikes and crossed the lane, invading the lane In the opposite direction, a new Mercedes can be stopped.

The CSGT No. 6 (Hanoi Police) team sent officers to the scene, coordinated with the police in the Quan Hoa ward to protect the scene and investigate and investigate the cause of the accident.

Car for vehicles of the high - speed reverse series Audi Q5 - Photo 2.

The Audi Q5 only stops when it hits a Mercedes on the opposite track – Photo: OFFB

According to the wing of Quan Hoa, the accident caused one person injured and another injured. Accidents occurring during peak hours should result in congested traffic in this area.

Huy Thanh


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