Asking four employees in Hanoi to "finem & # 39; each other on silver displays Laws


According to the reporter's account, a video clip was held at a Housing and Development Management unit in Hanoi and Mr B, C, D, T are cadres of this unit.

It is known that four people in the clip used to "punish" each other with the face value of 20,000 to 100,000.

Asking four employees in Hanoi to Each game penalizes each of the hundreds. Clipped photo of the video clip.

Earlier, related to the money game, on October 29, Nguyen Van Huyen, Director General of Vietnam Road Administration, signed the decision to dismiss two drivers Mr. Nguyen Thanh Duong (SN 1966) and Trinh Phuc Dung (SN 1978).

According to Nguyen Thanh Duong's explanation at about 3:45 pm on June 27, 1818, while awaiting the maneuver, he with three people on the driving team played cards in the form of beer money at the end of the session. Each hand wins, losing 2 to 4 thousand. Do not know how to drink beer, Mr. Yang only agreed to participate in "legs" enough, not contribute money.

Based on this, on July 10, Mr. Nguyen Van Huyen signed the decision to establish the verification team. After many meetings, internal contacts, on September 5, Huyen signed the completion of the verification.

On October 29, 1818, Nguyen Van Huyen, Director General of the Vietnam Road Administration, punished Mr. Duong and Mr. Dung at the highest level: Dismissal.

Tien Phong Newspaper continues to report on this incident

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