Ariana has not yet confirmed her presence, but still "receives" much publicity the way it is!


Only 5 days to go before the official ceremony of the "Grammy 2019" awards. However, this great music event is making fans of Ariana Grande unhappy that the program take advantage of their idols names to promote everywhere.

The 2019 Grammy is

So far, the BTC has yet to confirm whether Ariana will perform this year, including the guest list, not her name and even the Grammy and the singer are not talking about her. will attend the seats of the public. But nowadays, the "7 Rings" image associated with "Grammy" appears on all fronts, from the banner on the bus to the outdoor billboard.

Ariana's "good" promotional density is suddenly dense than that of other artists abnormally, making her fans wait for the idols to participate (no matter what the role), or be sure. The "golden trumpet: this year." However, a part of the audience that started questioning "Grammy" is just borrowing the name of Ariana to attract the attention of the audience.

The 2019 Grammy is

On the large poster …

The 2019 Grammy is

… Until buses go everywhere.

Remember a few years ago, Rihanna was a victim of this game. She and her son "ANTI" "gold" "managed to" Grammy to promote as it was, to finally receive the painful end: 8 nominations, but still empty. The same thing happened to Lady Gaga last year. Then, Ariana's team hastily believed in the "secret words" of the Academy, because they could be miserably mischievous at 89 minutes.

At the 61st Grammy Awards here, Ariana is nominated in two categories "Best Pop Pop Performance" ("God Is A Woman") and "Best Pop Album" (album "Sweetener"). ). In previous seasons, Ari did not have the opportunity to bring the prestigious gold trumpet home, so this year, everyone expected the singer to make it.

The 2019 Grammy is

Category "Best solo solo performance": The song "God Is A Woman" confronts "Colors", "Havana", "Joanne", "Better Now".

The 2019 Grammy is

Category "Best Pop Album": the album "Sweetener" confronts "Camila", "Meaning of Life", "Shawn Mendes", "Beautiful Trauma", "Reputation".

The 2019 Grammy is

When you do nothing, your face is "loaded" everywhere. Really "so strange"!


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