"Ancient headrest riding" relics in Hoi An to take wedding photos: The act of invading relics


As Dan Tri reflected, many young people are about to marry Hoi An to take wedding pictures.

Thus, some young people "risk their lives" climbed over some old houses to take pictures. This action has created a strong response in the residential community of Hoi An in particular and you have read the entire country in general.

Get wedding photos on the ancient roof in Hoi An

A couple lying on the old roof in wedding photos Hoi An made people unhappy

Reader Nguyen Thi Da said that taking pictures is often due to photographers who choose venues for brides and grooms, treatment should direct these people.

As for Baby Map, he commented: "Having just invaded the property is dangerous and life threatening. What do these young people think of when they climb up here to take pictures of weddings and souvenirs? "; "Many young people now probably do not need to know what" culture, heritage "is …? Just" take a selfie "just do …?", Tuan Anh read.

Get wedding photos on the ancient roof in Hoi An

Another couple sat "seated" on the roof of the old house to take pictures

"Whoever has no knowledge of spiritual culture and patrimonial preservation, can not be considered beautiful. Change the way of thinking of people who want to take photos as well, as well as need more education on how to work for photographers. No, the couple sometimes invites themselves to … climb trees to take photos as at the original time? Really … !!! "- read the comments of Manh Thang.

According to the Culture and Information Department of Hoi An City, many relics of "carefree" young people mainly occur in the houses of 92, 150, 158 and 166 of Tran Phu Street, because they want to record wedding photos. impressive.

In addition, recently, some old houses on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street were also "sitting" or lying on their heads to take pictures.

Get wedding photos on the ancient roof in Hoi An
Get wedding photos on the ancient roof in Hoi An

In order to prevent people from going through photographic sessions, many houses took steps to prevent it from looking very beautiful in the ancient city of Hoi An.

Mr. Nguyen Van Lanh – Head of the Department of Culture and Information of the City of Hoi An said: After the installation of the inspection team, the functional strength found that some coffee owners set up barriers to prevent climbing acts on the tiles. People hold wedding photos of many young people. Thus, photos of old houses with hundreds of years of age are surrounded by B40 grid barriers, chains or other objects to prevent young people from taking pictures … making streets around her neck was very lost.

In the immediate future, it will be necessary for the coffee owner to dismantle these layers of fence and to inform and propagate the unit in order to urge the young people to immediately stop the offensive action. If you deliberately breach, depending on the extent, you can sanction administrative violations – The Head of the Information and Culture Department of Hoi An City talks about the direction of handling.

In referring to this situation, Mr. Nguyen Van Son – vice president of the city of Hoi An said: In front of media reflection as well as the image that social networking sites posted on the situation of some couples climbing the roof tile of the old house in Hoi An posing for wedding photos, the city government assigned the Office of Culture to verify the actual inspection information. Thus, proposing the final handling of the case.

Mr. Son also emphasized: couples who climb the roof of the ancient ruins for wedding photography are really offensive, if they "follow" the Law of Inheritance, this is an act of violation of the monument. As for joint responsibility when it comes to the situation that makes public opinion as pressing as in the past, the coffee owner should also be partly responsible. However, the authorities in the city of Hoi An also recognize their primary responsibility and will soon take tough measures to eliminate this ugly image.



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