Aluminum Case Vu Vu & # 39 ;: The two former deputy chiefs of police said " not manipulation of gold lands & # 39;


The trial is scheduled for the period from January 28 to January 30.Image copyright

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The trial is scheduled for the period from January 28 to January 30.

The two former deputy police officers in Vietnam did not report the sale of "professional property" to Mr. Vu "aluminum."

Former Vice Minister Bui Van Thanh, 60, and Tran Viet Tan, 65, have been charged with two counts of "abusing positions of authority in service" and "lack of responsibility that have serious consequences ".

The trial is scheduled for the period from January 28 to January 30.

Ministry of Vietnam Public Security on December 14, 2018 announced the accusation of accused with Mr. Tran Viet Tan and Bui Van Thanh.

This is part of an investigation to expand the case "abusing positions and powers while in service" by Phan Van Anh Vu, otherwise known as Vu & # 39; aluminum & # 39; and co-committed.

Going to court in this trial is the former deputy director general of Intelligence Agency Phan Huu Tuan and former deputy director of B61 – General Intelligence Department Nguyen Huu Bach.

The defendants were asked about their role in signing documents, requesting the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee and Da Nang two Vu front companies to receive the right to use 7 land lots with a total area of ​​6,700 m2. houses and 26,800m2 of land in prime locations, with a value above VND 2,500 billion without auction.

In December 2018, former Vietnamese security lieutenant-colonel Phan Van Anh Vu was sentenced to 17 more years in prison on charges of "abuse of position and power of misappropriation of property," in addition to an earlier nine-year sentence of imprisonment. .

Local media said in court on January 28, former Deputy Public Security Minister Bui Van Thanh admitted the charge of "irresponsibility causing serious consequences," as the prosecution of Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Former Vice Minister Tran Tan Tan said he took responsibility for the head of administrative affairs, but not the head of criminal responsibility.

In the interrogation that took place on the morning of January 28, Mr. Phan Van Anh Vu said that he rented and transferred lots of "gold plots" at Da Nang in Ho Chi Minh City to "develop the economic potential of intelligence" .

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Mr. Phan Van Anh Vu (Dance & # 39; Aluminum & # 39;)

Meanwhile, the two former deputy directors of the Bureau of Public Security and Tan Khai said they did not know of the transfer of Vu, using the purpose of the land until the case was tried.

In July, the Central Committee of Inspection of the Communist Party issued a notification of the violation of Mr. Bui Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security, directly in charge of the General Department of Logistics – Technology, which caused many violations. including signing documents from the Ministry of Public Security, proposing the sale, specifying a number of security houses and ground installations that do not conform to the provisions of the law.

Mr. Tran Viet Tan is considered irresponsible, signing a series of documents that violate the regulations on the protection of state secrets, causing very serious consequences.

The Communist Party Politburo on July 28, 2018 decided to leave the Party with Bui Van Thanh and dismissed the member of the Central Police Party Committee for the 2011-2016 term for Mr. Tran Viet Tan.

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The trial of trial cases in recent years is considered an effort to clean up the government apparatus of Secretary General and State President Nguyen Phu Trong.

Trong, at the end of last year, said: "The central government never discourages" in its efforts to fight corruption.

During a meeting of voters in Hanoi on November 24, 2018, he said: "I said that the one who is detached will stand aside, …. The central government will never stop, people's hearts are rising as then, even internationally must admit and appreciate. "

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