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Although cash flow in the market continued to decline, but with the leadership of some large stocks, especially VNM support, the VN-Index quickly recovered green in the morning session. 1/4 week However, the support was not strong enough to help the VN-Index win 985 points when strong fluctuations around that resistance.

Entering the afternoon session, demand continued to rise and focused on some large codes that helped these codes expand the earning trend, which was the main motivation for the VN index to surpass 985 points.

Although the VN index was not galloping, the leader of VNM, GAS, VRE and MSN helped this index move and gradually close at the highest level of the day.

In the end, HOSE was still fairly balanced with 153 winners and 158 losers. The VN index rose 7.77 points (+ 0.79%) to 988.53 points. The total volume traded reached 188.62 million units, worth VND 4,300.89 billion, an increase of 8.46% in volume and 11.12% in value compared to the session last week.

Contract operations contributed significantly to 51.36 million units, equivalent to VND 1,422.49 billion, of which the EIB reached 19.37 million units, valued at over VND 352.2 billion; Agreement GEX 9.2 million units, worth 204.92 billion; The PDN agreed to 2.5 million units, worth 247.5 billion; VND agreement of 5 million units, worth 85 billion VND …

The VN30 group was also mixed with 14 winners and 14 losers, most notably most large-cap codes thrived.

Significantly, the VNM pillar continued to expand the band after 5 previous loss or standing sessions, mainly contributing to the increase in the market index. In the end, VNM increased by 2.8% to the highest level of 138,600 dong / share, with 796,720 units combined.

As mentioned above, in addition to VNM, large inventories did well enough as the VRE increased 4.3% to VND 36,100 / share, GAS increased 2.5% to VND 100,700 / share, MSN increased 4.4% to level. VND 88,000 / share. In addition, VCB, VIC, VHM also increased slightly below 1%.

On the contrary, among the 10 largest capitalization shares, only a few actions in the slightly corrected banking group, such as CTG fell 0.9% to VND 22,250 / share, BID fell 0.8% to VND 35,500 / share, TCB decreased 0.2 % to VND 25,550 / share.

While the banking line was differentiated, oil and gas inventories flourished in the context of oil prices, which exceeded $ 60 / barrel. In addition to GAS, leading the market, other P shares also recorded positive moves such as PLX rising 2.7% to 61,000 dong / share, PVD increased by 2.8% to 18,400 dong / share, PXS increased by 6.9 % at the maximum price of VND 4,490 / share …

Remarkable actions today were ROS. Although most of the trading session was below benchmark, the strong increase in demand absorbed all low-priced stocks, helping ROS to recover at the end of the session with high liquidity. In the end, ROS increased slightly by 0.5% to the highest level of VND 32,150 / share, with the highest corresponding volume in the market, reaching 12.78 million units.

ITA was in second place in liquidity, still with volume of 5.67 million units and closing price of VND 3,300 / share, up 2.2%.

Another notable stock in the session is the YEG. Although official information was canceled by YouTube to store the information store on April 1, hereafter Network Yeah1 will not be able to act as a representative of YouTube channel management, but YEG's actions will increase significantly. Good session today after 3 deep drops. At the close, the YEG index advanced 2.6% to VND 102,600 / share, with 59,820 units combined.

Meanwhile, the HNX fluctuated around 107 points in the afternoon.

Closed, The HNX index rose 0.29 points (+ 0.27%) to 107.72 points with a total traded volume of 26.88 million units, valued at VND 306.29 billion, down 13.29% in volume and 30.25% in value compared to last week's session. The put-through transaction was more than 46 billion dong.

Alongside the ACB, returning to the reference level, the "brother" and the SHB expanded their amplitude by 2.7% to VND 7,700 / share with the netted volume of 1.84 million units and the net foreign investor bought 396,615 units. .

Oil and gas stocks still traded positively as PVI rose 2.1% to 38,300 VND / share, PVS increased 1.9% to 21,000 dong / share, PVB increased 5.4% to 19,500 dong / share, PGS increased. 1.4% for VND 35,300 / share …

After the fall of the floor by the decision to apply temporary emergency measures of the Court, the actions of the VCG prospered and continued to rise well today, at some point pulled to the ceiling. At the close, the VCG gained 3.3%, to VND27,900 / share, and equaled 1.41 million units.

Higher liquidity in HNX with HUT and PVS led the market with the trading volume of 2.1 million units; followed by codes SHB, VGC, VCG, ART, ACM matched in about 1-2 million units.

In UPCoM, The movement did not change much and kept the trend down during the afternoon.

Closed, UPCoM Index fell 0.23 points (-0.41%), to 57.27 points with a total volume traded of 10.71 million units, valued at 218.48 billion VND. Put-through transactions contributed more than 15 billion VND.

Although BSR has regained the benchmark level, other large stocks still fell sharply, while VEA fell 2.8% to 51,300 VND / share, GVR fell 3.3% to 11,600 VND / share, HVN fell 0 , 7%. VND 40,900 / share …

In that, BSR still led liquidity with trading volume reaching 2.22 million units; followed by VAS with 1.14 million units transferred.



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