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After complaining about being banned from seeing her son, Nhat Kim Anh unexpectedly implicated in "killing without a knife."


The actress posted a line of status that confused netizens. It seems that she is having many problems and fatigue after the public divorce.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Nhat Kim Anh takes her son for a holiday.

Recently, Nhat Kim Anh shared in Fanpage personal more than 5 million people watching the state of distress: "I miss the news, do you remember me?" Attached is a photo of a boy gently placing a kiss on the cheek of the actress. It can be seen that after the divorce, Nhat Kim Anh was barred from meeting her son with her ex-husband, leaving her sad and tired and complaining on the social network.

Nhat Kim Anh shared the memory of the children who made the fans feel sad.

Recently, Nhat Kim Anh made many people worry about writing: "The mouth occasionally speaks with laughter! Sinister murder at the time of the belly without knives. (That's scary) ". Many fans are arguing that perhaps excessive scrutiny of netizens, people murmuring about Japan's marriage, the family has caused the actress to fall into stress.

"Oh standard.I'm also tired, heartbroken with the mouth of my life, but I'm as good as you are, they still hate this and that.But if they create karma, they will endure.Happy for a long time, okay? "," Ignore your life, live for yourself, do not care about other people, "" The life of you, not me will hate me... is the fan consolation for Japan Kim Anh.

She has just posted a state of perplexity that many people care about and encourage.

Earlier, Japanese information Kim Anh confirmed the divorce with her husband after 2 years of life made Vbiz shocked. Even the fact that the two have divorced for three years has left the public more shocked by the fact that, so far, rumors about divorce have only stopped at a questionable level, but there has never been official confirmation.

According to the actress, before making the decision, she was thinking a lot. She used to bite, accepting silence all the time. But the more resilient the husband of the entrepreneur, the more things get out of the way.

Information Japan Kim Anh has divorced her husband, causing a storm in the network all the time.

"The peak is that often Mr. Loc does not want to let me have contact with my children, to be close to my son. I've been waiting for two summers and this summer, I want to take my son to Saigon to take me here and there to play, but I do not agree, just let me go to Can Tho to meet me, that makes me very angry " The singer moved to share.

How divorced is the husband of the businessman, Nhat Kim Anh, how rich is the millionaire village?

After causing a stir because of the husband's divorce from the businessman, Nhat Kim Anh was more concerned about the privacy of the public, especially the assets that the actress possesses.

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