After being ostracized by the scandal, Liu De Li was poisoned by his mother to the Star-Boy


Episode 1 of the movie Escape the young spring wave, leading girl Liu De Li found mixed views of the audience.

Escape from youth The movie is broadcasting Quynh Dolls just finished Since it was not broadcast, the film was hit by a large number of boycott hearings, because the main woman Liu De Li caught the husband scandal raced. However, many others are still waiting for the development of Vietnamese films at the moment.

Volume 1 Escape from youth It brought enough interesting contradictions like the mother of An's daughter (Luu De Li) to the boys, An was suspected of being a thief and a hostel … But acting and shaping of Liu De Again, there are many negative comments from the viewers .

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One is an unhappy college student. His mother, Thanh Tu, always considers her daughter "indebted" as the cause of her inability to find a good husband. The American mother forced her to hold her while she did not want her time to be miserable.

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Because of her passion for red, she owed money to her mother. When she was seen, the American girl was rubbing herself, pulling her mother to fall on her head in front of An's eyes. It was because of America that her love for spring and the south (Manh Truong) ended in suffering. Because she and her father got married.

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A frequent school from a distance, Mrs. America still often finds, aggressive, curse to get the daughter money. Even she threatened to tear the image of an old love into forcing her to hand over money. Stripped of money, she and her lover fortunately for the silver screen and "roast" clean birth.

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Daughter moved to the hotel, changed the phone number, American snapshot to the school to shake another 3 million after the game lost. Finally, a bite to lend you money to give your mother.

Getting her money, she gave her boyfriend an amulet. She also boasted that her mother should be able to treat An, understand her weakness. The mistress quickly deposited money and was happy to wait for her to silver.

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Very happy, An called the police. American Americans and their lover immersed in the game without knowing that the police are coming. Being taken to the car, the American lady looked at An with hatred and anger. When An returned home, she began to cry as she treated her mother so intimately.

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Relationship with the mother has no way to save, his relationship with friends in the inn is not good. Arriving here, An annoyed the two roommates. With the guys underneath the house, wearing them warm, A still cold, refuse to be friends.

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After that, An also was Phi (Huynh Anh) suspected that his collusion with the thief steals his car. Phi saw a conversation with two thieves. In addition, when the thief ran to the car, despite the chance to block, a re-dull look does not stop.

Phi is more confident that An is a thief than when he stood there holding a wallet from Nam. He did not expect Nam to be An's old lover and that the wallet was discarded from the south.

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Episode 1, with so many interesting details, but the performance of Liu De Li is the public scruffy "pale", expressive hard, dragged voice emotions. She is also considered too old to be a college student.

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The attitude of the character built in the film also leaves the eyes irritated. Knowing that she must grow in suffering, suffering greatly, but attitude as "mother of the whole galaxy," prey, the need for An is unacceptable.

The friends of the inn tried to flourish and live with An, but she considered them enemies, like nails of the ears.

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However, some viewers have said that because of the new episode 1, it is possible that Liu De Li was not completely absorbed by the character. The story also has many contradictory circumstances, may in the following episode, the hidden corner in the life of An will make the viewer touch.

Escape from youth The next episode is broadcast at 9:40 pm on Monday and Tuesday every week.

At least 2 hot cuts cut, so the public ... self-understanding.

The cast of director Quynh Bup Bau revealed that hot scenes do not appear on the screen.

According to Hoang Linh (Discovery)


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