A great barbaric wandering gang, written forced debt 40 billion


On November 19, a source said that the CSDT Police Department of Binh Thuan Province continues to receive testimony from MTD, owner of a company in Hoa Thang commune in Bac Binh district. Mr. D. has officially requested police protection and is temporarily at the police headquarters in Binh Thuan province to avoid being arrested.

An investigation of the house of Pham Thanh Liem.

An investigation of the house of Pham Thanh Liem.

According to the source, on November 14, Binh Thuan police arrested Pham Thanh Liem, a former finance department official in the Bac Binh district, when Liem faked red books to sell more than 70 billion people. There are many groups of Wanderers, black society to Liem to collect debts. These groups came from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai and after extracting Liem bank statements discovered before the date of arrest, Liem many transactions, transfer money to Mr. D with the amount of about 15 billion co.

Immediately, a group of about 30 people traveled in eight cars to rent a house in the town of Sea Link (Phan Thiet) and morning phone calls of 15/11 for Mr. D. to be present to meet, exchange work involved in the Liem.

The curious follow the incident.

The curious follow the incident.

Assuming that I do not involve anything negotiating, buying land with normal Liem, on the date Mr. D. was present and was caught on the phone. They then took turns, beating D. Barbarian, forcing D. to write a debt of 40 billion and to call his wife to transfer money to them. The arrest of illegal people, assault wounds lasted from morning to noon on the same day. It was only when Mr. D. agreed to write debt recognition, the group stopped.

Talking to us, Mr. D. said that because he was very scared for his life and his wife and children should be forced to follow the words of black society because they are all tattoos and are very hungry. bad.

According to D., after he wrote the debt, the group forced him to call his wife to transfer money to the account. The wife of Mr. D. then transferred to the account of that person's group 1.1 billion. They immediately escorted Mr. D. to a seven-seater car and drove to Ho Chi Minh City. When they arrive in the Trang Bom district (Dong Nai province) on the evening of November 15, they ask Mr. D. to get off the bus and agree not to report to the police, otherwise the life of his wife D. and your children will not be safe. .

Mr. D. took a taxi back to Phan Thiet to inform his family and the emergency hospital. However, after much fear, the victim asked his wife and children to move to the shelter and apply for temporary residence with the police to protect their lives.

On the afternoon of November 19, the CSDT is verifying that the transfer of money between the accused Pham Thanh Liem and Mr. D. is normal, legal or hidden.

Initially the canteen was identified in the fraud so far only the defendant Pham Thanh Liem committed criminal acts.

The Binh Thuan Provincial Public Security is urgently coordinating with the Dong Nai Police, the Public Security of Ho Chi Minh City, to clarify this group of unfortunates.

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