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A chicken delivery girl can escape death if she tells the truth

According to the director of the provincial police department of Dien Bien, if Tran Thi Hien reports that his daughter was kidnapped, not missing, saving the girl is "very simple".

On the afternoon of October 23, speaking to the press on the sidelines of the current National Assembly session, Dien Bien Provincial Department of Public Security Director Sung A Hong said that after 8 months of concussion, murder and coercion of students giving chickens. On the afternoon of the Lunar New Year, the Bien Hoa Province Police Department completed the investigation, although the suspects showed many "tricks". 9 suspects in the case have many convictions, criminal records and heavy drug addicts, some people will be reported after a few months in prison.

According to Mr. Hong, in the case settlement process, the victim's mother, Mrs. Tran Thi Hien, continually hampered the investigating agency. She was the first to know that a girl was kidnapped by a group of addicts to pressure her because she didn't pay the drug money, but she didn't tell the police honestly and "just told her that the girl delivered chicken and disappeared."

"When she met the investigator, her husband Hien and her eldest daughter knew the truth, but did not provide information. This is a direct reason why the investigative agency could not save the student. If Mrs. Hien provided information to her daughter kidnapped from the start by the investigating agency, I find it very simple to save the girl, "Hong said, and said that so far Hien is still considered" still stubborn. "

Cong (leftmost) experienced the scene in early July. Photo: Thu Trang.

Cong (leftmost) tried the site in early July. Thu Trang.

According to the conclusion of the investigation, Van Toan sold two heroin cakes to Hien for 300 million VND 10 years ago, but could not get the money. After leaving prison, the math team went to see Hien to recover his debt, but failed. The team hired Bui Van Cong and Vuong Van Hung for 50 million VND to kidnap Hien's daughter, Cao My Duyen (22), forcing debt.

At around 6:40 pm on April 2 (30 Lunar New Year 2019), Cong and Hung ordered Duyen to deliver 10 chickens from Muong Thanh Market to Area C13 (Thanh Truong Wing), about 7 km from the market. At the rendezvous, while Duyen was catching the chicken, Cong from behind used the nunchaku to strangle. The group took Duyen in the trunk of Cong's truck and took him to his home in the 11th team, Thanh Nưa commune, Điện Biên district. When the accomplices kicked in, the Math team secretly followed the bike from afar.

When he successfully kidnapped the victim, Cong told Hung to bring 13 chickens, motorcycles and phones to the victim. Hung then hid the material evidence and gave the victim's phone to Math.

Math around 8:58 pm the same day Duyen's phone rang, he listened and asked to see Mrs. Hien The team said he was kidnapping Duyen and asking his mother to pay quickly. However, Hien refused to pay and threatened to report to the police.

On the afternoon of Lunar New Year's Day (February 6), the students were killed after being locked and raped by drug addicts.

According to Math, on the morning of the 5th New Year (February 9), Hien, after learning that his daughter was killed, took a motorcycle to his house to curse. No suspects have been arrested at this time.

Vuong Van Hung's house attracted the victim to deliver chickens. Photo: Pham Du.

Vuong Van Hung's house attracted the victim to deliver chickens. Photos: Pham Du.

According to the conclusion of the investigation, Ms. Hien denied the above statements by the suspect group. She confirmed that she did not know the defendants in the case and did not owe Math and Cong money. When her daughter was kidnapped, she didn't receive a call to request payment from Math. Hien said he called Duyen many times without answering the call and it was almost 9 pm when he opened the phone, but no one said anything.

Dien Bien Provincial Police determined that there was insufficient reason to conclude that Hien knew the group had kidnapped Duyen and had not dealt with not reporting criminals.

Experimental math scene sitting on a motorcycle looking at the kidnapping delivery girls chickens. Photo: Thu Trang.

Experimental math scene sitting on a motorcycle looking at the abduction accomplices delivering chickens. Photos: Thu Trang.

In late May, when the "delivery chicken" case was being investigated, Hien was arrested on charges of being an important link in the big drug trafficking chain in Dien Bien. She is currently being prosecuted and detained in another case.

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