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Regarding the case of seven-year-old boys, attacked by many dogs who died, trading with Vietnamese soil on the afternoon of April 4, said Nguyen Van Hoc, chairman of the Kim Dong District People's Committee (Hung Yen Province ), The district police went to the scene to investigate the incident.

"Immediately after receiving the information, the People's District Committee asked the Luong Bang City Primary School and the Luong Bang People's Committee and related agencies to clarify the case. The Ministry came to share their condolences with their family," Hoc said.

According to a preliminary report on the situation of the locality where the incident occurred, the family was born in the district of Thuan Thanh (province of Bac Ninh). His parents went to the city of Luong Bang (Kim Dong) to live and work since 2007.

The child has three sisters, she is a fourth grade student and a younger sister is a first grade student and her parents have come here to rent a home to do business since 2007.

While amused, he was attacked by 6 dogs (the host's parents rented him) to bite. Soon after, they all took her to the emergency room and were transferred to Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi), but she did not survive.

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Crime scene

As previously reported, around 6 pm on the evening of April 3, Luong Bang Town Elementary School's first-graders invited themselves to play football at the former Kim Dong district stadium.

When the group left, only N.D.D., the house near the stadium, remained.

At that time, suddenly a bunch of dogs ran out, broke into bite Mr. D. hurt him severely. Many people discovered that they rushed to chase the dogs and sent them to the emergency hospital.

Hung Yen General Hospital said she was hospitalized with cardiac arrest, blood loss, dilated pupils. After the heart is pressed, 2 liters of blood are transmitted, the heart beats, the family calls for emergency treatment at the Viet Duc Hospital.

However, D. grandchildren do not survive due to brain death.

According to Mrs. N. (my neighbor D.), the dog owner is also the landlord of his family.

"This house is selling chickens and ducks, creating dozens of dogs, the big ones should be 30 kilos. Every time they cut the remaining ducks, they feed all the dogs and let them go to the market to find their own food," Mrs. N . to share.

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