2 "hot girl" running motorcycle head in the middle of the night, arrested for possession of drugs of stone


On 5/11, Department of Mobile Police, Thinh Thien Hue police arrested Vo Thi T. (19 years old, living in Tu Ha Ward, Huong Tra city, Thua Thien Hue Province) and Nguyen Thi Dieu H. (20 years old, resident of Vy Da Ward). , Hue City) to investigate illegal drug possession.

Earlier, at the end of November 4, when he was on duty at Hung Vuong Street (Hue City), the Thua Hien Police Department's mobile police patrol team discovered that T. and H. were driving the motorcycle . wearing helmets and abnormal behavior should be followed immediately and ask two girls to stop the car.

2 hot girl running on motorcycle in the middle of the night, arrested for storing narcotics - Photo 1.

2 beautiful "beloved women" illegally store illegal drugs, ecstasy.

Through inspection, functional forces have discovered that these two "pretty" women are illegally storing 4 packs of rock drugs and 2 pills. Shortly thereafter, two "players" were taken to the police station to get testimonials.

2 hot girl driving motorhead in the middle of the night, arrested for possession of narcotic drugs - Photo 2.

Narcotic drugs than two "beloved women."

Earlier, late night 3/11, the Mobile Police Department working group also discovered and arrested Tran Cong V. (resident in Phu Hoi Ward, Hue city) is holding a plastic bag containing 54 total drug compound.

The mobile police department made a record, handed over to Hue City police to continue the investigation and prosecution.


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