11 games without defeats, ready to play Arsenal, PSG-24h football


Friday, March 1, 2019 00:03 (GMT + 7)

11 consecutive unbeaten matches of MU in the Premier League arena are proof of Solskjaer's talent.

The 5 goals from Lukaku for Manchester United during the Solskjaer

After the English classic with Liverpool, MU really stunned with almost 10 injured. Thinking that made the "red devils" difficult to travel to the Crystal Palace, Solskjaer was against everyone's predictions.

Great Solskjaer Peak

Ole Solskjaer is proving bravery

Marching for Selhurst Park, Solskjaer started a formation in 4-3-3 which was rather strange with defender Diogo Dalot being pushed to a very high kick to the right. Meanwhile, Alexis Sanchez constantly harassed Romelu Lukaku in the attack.

With brilliant performance, Romelu Lukaku scored 2 goals in just 52 minutes. Although Joe Ward got a goal, Ashley Young submerges that chance with a crossed kick, with a 3-1 victory to the 83rd.

This victory continues to help Solskjaer and his students continue to flourish with unbeaten sets. Thus, the Norwegian rulers are breaking the record of the Premier League by gaining more points by leading a new team. Since the day of Mourinho's replacement, the Norwegian military leader has helped MU extend the undefeated series to 11 consecutive games (win 9, draw 2) and win 29/33 at the most.

This important result also helped the Reds keep 5th place with a total of 55 points, just 1 point shy of Arsenal and 2 points more than Chelsea.

This impressive achievement is by no means a coincidence. In fact, it is proof of the talent of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the road to the rebirth of the "Red Devil."

In all games, especially on a trip to Crystal Palace Stadium, with a serious chipping team due to concussions, the Norwegian strategist still showed his ability to manage well. The choice of staff, at the same time, create cohesion among all three routes to help MU become a very difficult team to be defeated.

In the next season of the season, "Reds" will have two major battles with PSG and Arsenal in early March. If the trip causes guests to come to the Park, Prince Park has a decisive meaning for the ticket. in the Champions League, the Arsenal meeting at Emirates Stadium is the survival run in the Top 4.

The biggest difficulty with MU now is that they are practically "sick soldiers" in the locker room. But in a dangerous situation, Solskjaer's talent is still strong and everything should be amazed, typically after the unbeaten record of 11 matches in the Premier League.

Great Solskjaer Peak

Cases of trauma will be a difficult problem for Solskjaer

In case of additional help MU With positive results, the leadership of the "Red Devils" will be difficult to deny Solskjaer the official position, since the fans are in command of Norway at the moment.

Solskjaer tactical spike: 3 times MU broke plan, Klopp must

14 games have gone by, only once the Solskjaer coach was judged to be making a mistake in tactics.


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