YouTube creates a filter for influencers and makeup brands to work together


YouTube video vertically

YouTube is working on a tool that allows users to experiment with make-up through the use of Increased Reality.

M.A.C Cosmetics has been one of the first companies to use this tool

Among the large number of creators that exist on the platform (experts in video games, fashion, culture, learning or even people who are recorded eating there is also a significant number of youtubers who are dedicated to sending videos related to makeup.

Starting this summer, these creators will have more tools for their videos with Google's new option so they can wear makeup without touching their faces. This can be done thanks to the 'Beauty Try-On', the add makeup on face through augmented reality.

Google in this way not only looks to the creators but also to the brands. The company has ensured that trademarks can count more attractive stories about their products to consumers by launching their own filters. Of course, you did not specify whether or not they will be paid.

YouTube Makeup

This option will show a wide range of virtual and realistic tools that will work adapting to different skin tones. In addition, the platform ensured that earlier this year they tested the experience with different brands of beauty.

In this sense, according to Google, 30% of users who watched videos of these brands activated the AR experience, reaching an average of 80 seconds by testing the virtual lipstick of the tool. However, this function is, for the time being, in its alpha version until it is extended to the rest of the users.

In fact, it's currently only available on YouTube's branded content platform, FameBit. This site is intended for companies that are looking for people with a YouTube channel that has many subscribers to promote their products and services. In addition, breeders have the opportunity to make money by establishing relationships with companies that promote their products.

M.A.C Cosmetics was the first brand to partner with FameBit to carry out a campaign to promote this virtual reality tool, but the terms of the agreement are unknown.


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