Sunday , November 17 2019
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You can now view Instagran stories anonymously

Updates and updates are in order from Instagram for the benefit of its users, one of the latest is the multiple search option in the stories, but many users want to see them without the other knowing that it has. Therefore we tell you how to reach it anonymously.

With the stories of Instagram we can see through photos and videos of short duration what others do and share, but we still can not maintain anonymity in the social network. However, there is an anonymous way of doing it and it is quite simple.

You can now view Instagran stories anonymously. Photo: Pixabay

If you do not want the person to know that you have looked at your story, you only need to use Weynstag, a platform that is very simple to use and allows us to see the stories anonymously.

When you open the platform, you can see a search engine where you just have to enter the username you want to spy on without knowing it and the best thing is that you do not even have to log in. The bad news is that it does not work with private accounts.

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