Why did Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil lose the most recent encounter with their son?


The most recent coexistence meeting they had scheduled Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil had the peculiarity that both were missing, but the small Matías Gil Yes, he said.

Reports from Univision They point out that, once again, the Argentine actor was absent in the weekly meetings that marked the case, this being the number 45 that he did not attend.

Regardless of, Matías Gregorio He was at the center of coexistence, but without the mother. The child who completed 2 years in January 2019 was taken by the nurse who works in their care.

As evidenced in the Instagram in Marjorie de Sousa, she spent the weekend fulfilling work commitments. Currently the blonde of the novel On the other side of the wall led beside José Manuel Figueroa the sixth national horse ride in Acapulco

In September, the judge fined Julián Gil with $ 260 for failing to justify two missed visits during the month of August, according to the newspaper The national. "The petitioning party dismissed the requested visit on time, but not in form, not displaying reliable and undoubted documents accrediting his absence to the corresponding visits of August 18 and 25."

In November, Univision that the court rejected the request for Gil suspend the Saturday visits to have to do their job. "In the file number 631/2017 that is taken in the Mexican court for the concepts of alimony and visits, the Twelfth Judge of the Family, Justino Aranda García, determined as false the documents presented by the actor to suspend the coexistence of 10, 17 and November 24, as well as December 1, 8 and 15 of this year, for which Julián Gil must appear at the family center to avoid imposing the fine. "

The fine would be approximately $ 492.


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