Why are the seven temples visited?


For the faithful of Catholicism, the journey of the seven temples is a popular tradition during the afternoon of Holy Thursday. This tour symbolizes the journey he made Jesus Christ of the Garden of Olives, where he went after the Last Supper, until he reached the destination where he would finally be crucified.

Temples that you can visit in Caracas

In Caracas the most popular churches for devotees are: Santa Capilla on Urdaneta Avenue; the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in La Hoyada; the Cathedral of Caracas or Santa Ana, in the Plaza Bolivar.

The church of Nuestra SeƱora de Las Mercedes, in the parish of Altagracia, is also very popular; the temple of San Francisco, located between the songs of San Francisco and La Bolsa; and the Basilica of Santa Teresa, home of the Nazarene of San Pablo, located between the songs of La Palma and Santa Teresa.

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Meaning of route

During the journey, Catholics are called to perform a meditation in each of the temples; this in memory of the route followed by Messiah to the place of his death.

In the first Church the journey of Christ, from the Cenacle to the Garden of Olives. In the second, we invite you to meditate on the passage of the Messiah from the Garden of Gethsemane to the house of Annas.

The third temple symbolizes the journey of Jesus to the house of Caiaphas, where he received insults and humiliations all-night. In the fourth sanctuary, the reflection revolves around the emergence of Christ before Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, where he was accused by the Jewish people.

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The fifth temple is a sample of "Follow Jesus" in his appearance before Herod. In the sixth church we are invited to recall the second meeting of the Sir with Pilate, where he was from condemned to death and crowned with thorns.

Finally, the journey through the seventh temple It symbolizes the route Jesus of Nazareth made from the house of Pilate to Mount Calvary, with the cross on the back.

Holy Week is the annual commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus during a period of intense liturgical and religious activity, full of profound silence and prayer. It concludes with the resurrection, which recalls the triumph of love over hatred, life over death, and good over evil.

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