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Whatsapp will continue to introduce new features to enhance the experience within the application. In the future, it will be possible to access the platform using fingerprint, among other novelties. To demonstrate the security of the mail service Facebook, a security company has promised to pay a million dollars to the person who can break into the system.

According to the portal Motherboard, the cyber security company Zerodium announced the payment of one million dollars for who is able to hack Whatsapp or iMessage. An action that is intended to show that security in this type of application improves over time.

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Zerodium is a company that buys and sells online hacking tools to governments around the world. Any spy agency that wants to see the conversations of criminals in an instant messaging application must pay cash. According to a company executive, the access to information or documents of a device without leaving traces costs about 2 million dollars.

The price of hacking is higher because encryption of applications and phones is becoming stronger and more effective because it is almost impossible to access them.

The prize that the company offers for hacking Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal or iMessage ranges between 500,000 and 4 million dollars. The amount of the cash prize will depend on how quickly you need specific information and circumstances.


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