What are the mobile phones that get the best selfies?


Which cell phones get the best selfies? There is nothing to be ashamed of, it is undoubtedly an important fact. And it is this integral time of social networks and image self-promotion, having good photos is fundamental and the autonomy to take them out is the key.

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You are the best smartphone cameras on the market

It's not for nothing that selfies are a real phenomenon of modernity and, if you said you never did one, you'd probably be lying. For those who get the best possible self-image, it's a pleasure. we have the list of the best existing cell phones to take away from selfies.

The best phones for selfies

We owe the list to the specialist in consulting and qualification in photographic products, DxOMark, which has a specific classification of mobile phones and its front sensor to do selfies, a feature that has been strengthened year after year to such an extent that brands like Xiaomi or Huawei already have families in their specific bands for these images.

In the updated ranking of April 2019, the most recent smartphone releases of the year, the powerful Huawei P30 and Samsung Galaxy S10, are included in the ranking, as well as others that remained in place for this type of photos.

IPhone stays with selfies

Apple continues to produce places in several of its major performances, including its front sensor for selfies, where it falls to the seventh place in the listing of DxOMark with its iPhone XS Max, the highest in the Cupertino range and with a price above several which exceed it.

Samsung dominates the list with its two latest releases of the Galaxy S10 family and it surprises that the Huawei P30 will get a fifth place when it comes to selfies, although its triple rear camera offers a very interesting addition but that is for another rating.

This is the list published by DxOMark of the best cell phones to take selfies to today, just in time for you to take a trip for your vacation and see that summer body.

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