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Video / The Nationals Park got in love with Gerardo Parra's 'Baby Shark'

S. Di Zazzo / Agencies

“Baby Shark” flooded the Nationals Park when Gerardo Parra, alternate gardener of the Washington Nationals, took his turn during the third round of the World Wide League Series before Houston's Stars.

On the very bottom of the sixth inning the state grads in Washington this 25th of October, when Gerardo Parra salió to take his shift as it emerges.

The locura generated by the infant song, which he drew as a tribute to the hijita of one of the Venezuelan gardeners, is such that some players even included a bandana with the cartoon of a tiburón.

According to his landing on the World Series is due to the great complexity that exists within the camerino. “Let's play together. We hacked it all together, ”said the venezolan.

All started in June, when Parra intended to seek a new song for his trips to the plateau. It was a bad moment with 22-0, so it was decided by the song that its taste so much.

At that moment in my mind I imagined that I was converting into a phenomenon that crossed the American football ball, and was played by the parties of the Redskins and the Capitals, the other teams of the North American capital.

"A la gente le gusta. Sus hijos la disfrutan," Parra said. "That makes me happy."

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