Video: Norkys Batista of Spain shoots Angie Perez again | In the gossip




This monday Norkys Batista She arrived in Spain with her future husband, Javier Diaz, and his team to start a new tour of shows that will be presented in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Porto, Valencia and Tenerife.

The Venezuelan actress has always kept her followers informed, through her account in the social network Instagram, where, when she arrived in Madrid, she published a video with a message clearly addressed to Angie Pérez. "Boy, I was told I was banned from entering Spain for two years," said Norkys Batista, while he could not help laughing.

Journalist Angie Pérez accused Norkys Batista of going to work illegally in Spain and, for that reason, banned entry into the country. He also insisted that Batista promotes the collection of medicines for founding donations to Venezuela to avoid paying taxes in Spain, the journalist assumes that these donations are false, because it would be impossible to send 750 kilos of medicines a month. the high shipping costs.

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