VIDEO: An inventor makes his own Tesla electric pickup, tired of waiting for the official version


The Swedish vlogger and inventor Simone Giertz, known for designing and manufacturing various machines and robots, created her own Tesla electric pick-up, not to wait for the official version of that truck to go on sale, as Elon Musk has been announcing for a long time, reports The Verge portal.

For this he modified, with the help of a mechanic and an engineer, a car Model 3 from the same manufacturer by cutting off the rear and turning it into an open cargo area. And he explained the whole process, which took about two weeks, in a half hour YouTube video.

He also recorded a fictional advertisement in which he shows the result of his work, which he christened as Truckla, a play on words between & # 39; truck & # 39; (truck) and Tesla.

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