Wednesday , January 20 2021

Venezuelan infectious disease specialist takes on the pandemic challenge in Monterrey

MONTERREY. – Since I was a girl, Laura Nuzzolo Shihadeh She knew that what was then games and homesickness would become the profession she would pursue in her adult life, where perhaps having spent hours of her childhood in a hospital made her fall in love with the work of saving lives.

Originating in the city of Maracay, VenezuelaAfter graduating from a medical school in the South American country, Laura arrived in Monterrey to study infectology, which was the branch of medicine that decided to exercise.

But, in addition to how complicated and extensive the medical career is, the young 29 years old ancient highlights one of its main teachings.

Aware of the unpredictability of viruses and diseases, Laura contemplated the possibility that at some point in her career she would have to face a pandemic, however, she was surprised that she came to little time to start working life.

The fear that dominated Laura’s family, which is thousands of kilometers away, has turned into support to face a challenge of such magnitude, like him Covid-19.

Like many other doctors, seeing a patient heal where life was in grave danger is one of the experiences that marked his career.

In the current struggle that doctors around the world are facing, Laura Nuzzolo sends a message of support to colleagues.

Although her path to medicine is beginning, Laura Nuzzolo hopes that the pandemic will collaborate to expand and improve health systems, as well as for doctors to further strengthen their knowledge and reaffirm their commitment and vocation to the work of saving lives.


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