Venezuelan businessman sues LaMia for Chapecoense plane crash


Venezuelan businessman Ricardo Albacete Vidal sued LaMia for $ 13 million in Bolivian justice and an insurance firm for the plane crash with the squad of Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense two years ago in Colombia.

"We do not want any more delays, we simply want LaMia, together with its insurance company Bisa, to comply with the insurance benefits granted under the air navigation policies," says the allegation presented by Albacete through a local lawyer, revealed this Tuesday by the newspaper El Deber of the city of Santa Cruz (east).

According to the brief filed before a civil court in Santa Cruz, where Lamia has its offices, the claim is due to damages of about 13 million dollars, said the tabloid.

Albacete Vidal, based in Spain, is considered the sole legal owner of the jet Avro RJ85 that crashed in Colombian lands, as well as two other similar ships that are held in Bolivia and had been leased to LaMia.

On November 28, 2016, the Bolivian LaMia plane rushed shortly before arriving at the Colombian airport José María Córdova (Río Negro, about 20km from Medellin), with the delegation of the Brazilian Chapecoense traveling to play their first international final front to Atletico Nacional, for the Copa Sudamericana.

In the accident 71 people died, among them 19 players, 14 members of the technical commission and nine directors of the Brazilian club. Only six occupants survived: a stewardess, an aviation technician, a journalist and three players.

An investigation by Colombian authorities concluded that the ship fell for lack of fuel.

The insurance company BISA had previously said that the coverage of the policy was rejected and that the ship, on the day that suffered the accident, did not have insurance in force. For its part, LaMia was intervened by the courts and stopped air operations.

LaMia representatives included the Bolivian pilots Alejandro Quiroga, who died in the accident, and Marco Antonio Rocha, now a fugitive.

In addition, the families of the victims of the accident also filed a lawsuit in Bolivia against the Pension and Insurance Control and Control Authority (APS) in October to prevent the possibility of collecting compensation from being expired.


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